December 18, 2007

Sweet Race

Another cool video, this time from Top Gear via Gizmodo, they pitted a 254mph Bugatti Veyron against a 913mph Eurofighter Typhoon strike fighter. Wow!

History of Audi

This is a great video I found over at Top Speed about the history of Audi. This is why German cars are so great. If I could fit my family in another VW Golf, I would. It is true that VW, maker of the Audi, builds "drivers' cars."

December 17, 2007

12 Days of Christmas? Tis The Season

Here's a great version of the worst Christmas song of all time. The 12 Days of Christmas is an obnoxious song but this is really good. - Thanks Annie. Also, remember this from last year? Original Post was here on Decemeber 12, 2006. Merry Christmas.

December 10, 2007

[3104]Jimmy the Gun to All Members

The 3104 Clan needs to get back together for Soldier of Fortune 3, known as Payback.

Goodtimes are to be had. Mountain Dew Code Red and a Lan Party to remember.

December 6, 2007

Who Are You Voting For?

I may not know anything about Mike Huckabee but this ad makes the decision to vote for him almost a requirement. With an endorsement like this, we the people don't really have a we!?!?