December 24, 2011

My Bright Idea #13 - The Next Generation of The TV

My Bright Idea #13 - December 19, 2011
This "My Bright Idea" post is the unlucky number "13", but I think the idea may already be in the works with Apple's rumored TV project.  I think the next generation of television should change from the standard "over the air" style setup and be more like on-demand via high speed Internet.  This would mean you watch what you want when you want, without filling up your DVR or missing an episode of your favorite show due to a signal, DVR, or scheduling issue.  Logistically, I see the scheduling of shows and their episodes looking similar to today's setup, with an "episode air time and date".  This would be the "release time" for the shows' newest episodes.  But watching the episode would be completely different.  Instead of watching a show at its schedule day and time or setting up a timer in your DVR, this on-demand style set up would allow the viewer to stream the episode after it's release time.

Also, because the networks and producers of television shows need to make money, advertisements would be embedded in the stream and/or pop-up at the top or bottom of the screen, or before the stream started.  With advertising profits shrinking because of DVRs,and their commercial skipping or fast-forwarding features, this streaming option would force the commercials to be played, similar to Internet streaming now.

The hardware would need to be ready to grab a stream of the available shows (similar to Netfix's streaming setup), as well as, grab the over-the-air signal for live viewing.  The menu system would need to be similar to a TV guide, but with fully functional search features, including shows and their past episodes.  Each network could still have their different stations, as well as, local news and information specific to each network. While live viewing or searching a particular networks "channel" ads profits would benefit the particular network. The menus could be set up in such a way that each network can have the list of all their shows, combined with lists of all the available seasons and episodes, and even suggestions and social media elements for discovery options.

December 14, 2011

My Bright Idea #12 - Mircosoft and "The W"

My Bright Idea #12 - December 14, 2011
Microsoft should buy and turn it into their cloud based storage service.  The W would Work with all Windows products for seamless storage and access to all the user's files.  It would compete with Apple's iCloud service, and offer Windows Phone users similar capabilities, but offer seamless integration with all of Microsoft's products and other services.

The W is for Windows, for the Web, for the World Where you Want it.

My Bright Idea #11 - iVoIP, The Apple Home Phone

My Bright Idea #11 - November 21, 2011
Apple needs to create a VoIP calling feature for Wireless network calling.  I call it "iVoIP".  It would be the Apple Home Phone and work with the iPhone, once it's on your home WiFi network.  Since so many people don't even have home phones anymore, it would be an awesome way to have your cell phone work on your home wireless network, saving valuable cell minutes, and in my case, provide a better signal and higher call quality.  It would also be cool if aftermarket companies designed home phone style docking stations that charged your cell phone, and allowed for a more conventional handset to be used throughout the house.  Retro styles, multiple handsets throughout the house, charging, music playing, etc. would all be cool aftermarket devices.

November 28, 2011

Jimmy the Gun, And His Trusted Sidekick, Pepper Spray (UPDATED)

I have to work on the UC Davis campus every few weeks.  I've been taking our newest team member with me, partly for training, but mostly for the additional set of eyes.  There is a lot to do in a branch I visit so infrequently.  Today I was asked when I was scheduled to be there next.  After giving my schedule, I made a joke about bringing pepper spray with me. My co-worker, the one who has been going with me, asked if that was my nickname for her. We had a good laugh about it and we came up with our new super hero characters and slogan:

Jimmy the Gun, and his trusted sidekick Pepper Spray.  Righting the wrongs and mocking the stupid.  It's what we do.

For those of you who have not heard about the pepper spraying incident, the video is below.  It is a little shocking for those sheltered few still left in our society, but I offer this advice:  no matter what your political views are, if a member of law enforcement gives you a direct order, you better obey it or be prepared to experience pain compliance and arrest control techniques, and be ready to part with your freedoms as an American Citizen.  If an officer of the law is actually unjustly violating your rights, comply now and sue later.  It will be much more satisfying later in court if you stay "in the right".  But the second you do not comply with the directions of someone, who has been deemed capable of enforcing the laws of our society and, subsequently, has been given the authority to take away many of those rights and freedoms from law violators, you are wrong.

This video clearly shows the 2min 28sec delay from warning to spraying.  That's soooooo much time to move out of law enforcement's way.
As an upstanding member of society, if you are given the order to move out of the way of officers so they can effect a lawful arrest, you would gladly move out of the way.  If you deemed that arrest as unlawful, as an upstanding member of society you would still move out of the way, and later file a formal complaint with the agency, and possibly move to file suit against the officer(s) involved.  It is only the members of society who do not conform to the rules that get pepper sprayed after being warned to move out of the path of officers effecting an arrest.  At least in this video that's the case.

UPDATED: Here's a video with audio of the cops warning the Occupy Morons.  "Spray away", I say.

November 27, 2011

Hot Wheels, Gymkhana, Ken Block, MBI #1, Sweet (VIDEO)

I've posted about Ken Block and his amazing driving skills before, but I heard recently about a Hot Wheels model of his Ford Fiesta.  Now, I didn't plan on going out and getting it, as I'm not THAT crazy.  But I found one at Target tonight, while paying my kid for a bet I lost.  Yep, I bet my kid and lost, which is why I do not gamble.  Here are some images I shot of the Hot Wheels 2011 Ken Block Ford Fiesta:
This is sort of like the start to "My Bright Idea #1" coming true.

And here is his latest Gymkhana Video.

November 23, 2011

Running From the Police...Fail

This is awesome.  Apparently, this guy running from the cops, thought he could scale the police SUV, but fails  Listen for his head cracking on the street after he is tackled by the officer.  He'll down for a while.

November 22, 2011

My Bright Idea #10 - Google's MMORPG Using Google Earth

My Bright Idea #10 - September 6, 2011
Google should develop an MMORPG using Google Earth and the 3D buildings that people are creating.  People can join the "real world", but play and do things they may not normally do or be able to be part of.

This goes with my MMORPG "Real World" Game idea, where people play out themselves in the real world, but are able to choose to be "good" or "bad" and perform tasks to that end.  You either choose to do things like stopping crimes seen in the game, or you choose to do them.  People would live out their desired role, leading toward enforcement of rule and law or the destruction of it.  Each "good" or "bad" thing done would earn the player points toward their goal.  Depending on where and how the crimes or prevention is done, the player would earn roles in the world they create.  There would also be an underlying points system for those things done without detection.  This would allow for things like secret alter-egos in the world.

For example, if someone decided to be "good" and prevented crime, they may choose to become a COP, working a beat, etc.  But if they prevent crimes that are behind the scenes, in dark allies, in back rooms, etc., they can earn roles such as FBI agent, with access to more information about other players or game characters, that might not otherwise be known.  FBI agents would have access to information saved in the server, but not part of a characters "known" status in the world.  If someone decides to be "good" but hides their identity with masks or costumes, they can eventually gain a super power.

On the bad side, the range of positions starts at street thug and goes to crime boss.  And, for those that are able to reach crime boss and complete dangerous tasks without detection, they can "accidentally" be turned into a super villain with a super power, gained by a tragic accident within the game.

My Bright Idea #9 - Read My Twitter Feed for Me

My Bright Idea #9 - June 20, 2011
The Twitter app on the iPhone should be updated to allow users to; first, record their user name as an audio file attached to their profile; and second, add a feed reading function that audibly reads a feed aloud so a user can hear the feed while doing other things, such as driving.  By allowing users to record their user name to their profile, Twitter can include that quick audio file during the reading portion any time the user's name appears in the feed.

My Bright Idea #8 - Falling Down 2, The Law Makers Will Pay

My Bright Idea #8 - May 28, 2010
Someone needs to make the next installment of the movie "Falling Down", about a man who goes after the law makers who are telling him how to live and raise his kids.  Things that have set him off include: seat belt law, helmet law, no juice in daycare, schools monitoring kids lunches, no dodge-ball, blaming McDonald's for fat kids, etc.

My Bright Idea #7 - Eco-Escalators

My Bright Idea #7 - March 25, 2010
Escalators should be put on motion sensors that start the escalators as someone approaches, and stops them when they are not in use.

My Bright Idea #6 - Bio Diesel for Garbage Trucks

My Bright Idea #6 - March 24, 2010
Garbage can be turned into bio diesel; therefore, garbage should be turned into bio-diesel for garbage trucks.

UDATED February 4, 2012:
It's here.  Check out this story.

My Bright Idea #5 - The Bean Spreader

My Bright Idea #4 - January 10, 2010
The Bean Spreader, a device that clamps onto a can of beans and helps spread beans out at an even amount, would be helpful in making nachos, quesadillas, and huevos rancheros.  Anything needing a thin layer of beans evenly spread over a large area would benefit from a bean spreading device.

My Bright Idea #4 - I Thought of The Atrix First

My Bright Idea #4 - January 1, 2010
Someone should design a handheld device that docks with a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to act as a full sized computer.

This actually happened with the introduction of the Motorola Atrix, a little over a year later on February 13, 2011.

My Bright Idea #3 - Taco Tree Should Franchise

My Bright Idea #3 - September 24, 2009
Taco Tree should franchise.  At the time I wrote this, the Krispy Kreme building in Roseville, CA was still empty and I thought that would be the perfect location for a Taco Tree.  Their food is fast and fresh and really great.  It's a quality fast food joint that makes memorable tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and even bun tacos.  Plus, they've sold the best tasting Pepsi products for at least 20 years I can remember.

I still think they should franchise, and by starting in a location where people know the name, they will only have continued success.

My Bright Idea #2 - Social Media Works for Advertising

My Bright Idea #2 - September 15, 2009
This one has partially come true, although not to the level to which I believe it could be utilized.  "My Employer" should use social media for marketing.  Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are some of the more popular forms of media out there, and if done right, can increase awareness, sales, and reputation of the company in the market.

I did call my employer to discuss my ideas with the head of  marketing back in September 2009, but was told, "we are working on our policy" and "watch for job postings in the future", but I was never allowed to present my specific ideas.

My Bright Idea #1 - Introduction and My Matchbox Idea

I started a list back in September 2009 of what I call "My Bright Ideas".  It's really a list of things (I remember to write down) I think should be reality now.  Some of them are minor tweaks to things that are already in existence.  Some are things I'd love to be able to head as a project manager at a large company like Google or Apple.  And some are little predictions I have about the near future.  They are short and sweet, and I'll try not to get carried away with details that don't matter. In fact, this will be the longest entry in this series.

I decided, since I'm not really that smart, connected, or equipped, I'd just write them down here to be stolen by someone with the means to bring them to reality.  Once they are written down, the least I can do is take credit for the idea later.  This way, I look like the genius.  So here goes.

My Bright Idea #1 - September 13, 2009
A toy car company, similar to Matchbox or Hot Wheels, should create a way for consumers to submit their own paint schemes and personalized vehicle designs and purchase them from the toy company.  I see this working out on a larger purchasing scale for law enforcement agencies, utility companies, and other companies with fleet vehicles, but I'd also want it to work out for smaller quantities too.  My idea involves a website where the customer would upload pictures of their paint scheme and would be able to apply it to the chosen make of vehicle.  It's similar to what M&M does with customizing the candies.

My Bright Idea #1 (updated) - October 24, 2009
A toy car company should make all the cars they build to the same scale.

November 19, 2011

Singham from Bollywood. Awesome Fight Scene and Stunts.

Bollywood scores again, with this awesome fight scene.  The whole this is funny and creative and well filmed.

This is the scene that started it all. (bad audio)

Beautifully Shoot Freestyle Motorcycle Riding in the French Alps

This video is cool in two ways.  First, the things these guys can do with their motorcycles are amazing.  And second, the video is amazing.  The French Alps look beautiful.

November 17, 2011

The Volkswagen Group Still Makes The Best Looking Vehilces

The LA Auto Show is going on right now, and while I don't get to go, don't get to read my favorite blogs about it, or even get to see/share about all the new automobiles on display there, I wanted to quickly say the Volkswagen Group still makes the best looking vehicles.

From the VW Passat and Golf to the Audi line of vehicles, the lines that the Volkswagen Group's designers create far superior vehicles to any other automobile manufacturer.  Here are just a few examples I've seen in my quick overview from Autoblog's review of the LA Auto Show.

The 2012 Passat

The 2012 Golf Type R

The 2012 Audi A7

The 2012 Audi A6 (not from the show, but one of my favorites)

The 2011 Audi Q7 (not from the show, but one of my favorites)

October 24, 2011

Anybody Good At Graphic Art?

I want to update and simplify my logo. Anybody know how to do any graphic art?

October 22, 2011

Marching Band Nerds...The Party Rock Anthem

If I knew that being a band nerd could be this cool...I probably still would have exited band when I did, but this is really awesome.

October 14, 2011

September 27, 2011

In Hopelessness, I Shall Seek Out The Word

I'm not going to pretend to think of myself as deep.  In fact, I'm a shallow fool who desperately needs God's grace to cover a multitude of sin, that otherwise earns me eternal damnation, separation from God, and torturous everlasting death.  Eeek.  But I tweeted tonight about hopelessness, and how it abounds exponentially with the leadership of this country (I may have said it differently due to the 140 character limitation).  This tweet, which I felt I needed to share, led me to this blog post, which, again, I felt I needed to use to explain the hope that is in Jesus Christ who is the Son of God and who is God.

I titled this post "In Hopelessness, I Shall Seek Out The Word" to be creative with it.  I decided to share the following verses tonight because I've had this on my heart since reading them with my kids.  We started a family devotion time after our July family vacation to Newport Beach, CA with my mom's side of the family.  It was awesome!  My mom's brother, a pastor in Georgia, sat everyone down the first night and explained he thought we should all do a "family devotion" each night of the trip, just after dinner, for 15-20 minutes.  At first, I was a little bothered by what felt more like a demand than a suggestion, but I quickly realized this was going to be one of the major highlights of the trip.  And, it turned into something I felt was important to my family's spiritual health.  Anyway, I've written about this vacation before, so I'm just going to move on and explain my title.

"I Shall Seek Out The Word".  Really, "The Word" is a name John uses for Jesus.  John, the book of the Bible I decided to read with my family, starts with:

1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  v2 He was in the beginning with God. v3 All things were made through Him, and without Him was not any thing made that was made. v4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men."

1:14 "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth."

When I'm feeling hopeless, I need to seek out Jesus.  Why?  Because He is God, Creator, Life, Light, Grace, and Truth.  He created us and gave us life and light.  Then he came to earth and provided a way for us to not be hopeless in a sinful world, giving us grace and THE truth of Himself.  Jesus existence is not disputed in history.  He really lived as flesh and dwelt among us.  Only His sovereignty is disputed.  The unbelieving deny the life and light that His glory gives.

3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.  v17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through Him.  v18 Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.  v19 And this is the judgement: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil.  v20 For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.  v21 But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been carried out in God."

I can't really say it more clearly than this.  I tried, but I deleted what I wrote because it was not as precise.  Be encouraged by God's words. All of 3:16-21 is Jesus speaking to Nicodemus about salvation.  It's God's own words.  The words of The Word.


September 25, 2011

Coffee Is A Wonderful Drug

This is a great little video I retweeted at one point, but I figured, after a conversation with a coworker about how much coffee is too much coffee, I would post this here as an argument showing I'm better off with it than without.  It also justifies my many @jimmythegun Instagram #todayscoffeecup pictures.  Check out more info at this guys blog too.  Coffee truly is "The Greatest Addiction Ever".

September 19, 2011

I Won The Lottery. Now What Am I Going To Do?

WARNING!!!  This became a really long and probably boring post.  I quit trying to spell and grammar check too.  It was just not worth the effort.  Sorry in advance. Also, avoid the ads this story may generate on my site.  I'm sure they are going to be about winning the Lottery or something like it.  Nobody wins.  Nobody.
  - James Guhn
Have you ever dreamed about what you'd do if you won the lottery?  I'm sure we all have.  Are you the type of person who is sure you are going to win it in the future?   Maybe "as soon as God feels like you can handle the responsibility"?  Most people who do win, can't handle the wealth in a responsible way.  Most people over spend, over extend, and put themselves in a place where their cost of living exceeds the amount they can earn.  Many even have to file bankruptcy to get things "back to normal".  Most of them can't get passed the greed lust to realize the taxes, upkeep, and the future costs of their spending and purchases.

Anyway, I would like to win, despite those problems and the Bible's warning about riches.  I'm one of those fools who thinks I can manage it, live similarly to how I live now, and still recognize the need for a Savior.   Would I give it all to charity?  NO.  Would there be many selfish purchases of excess?  Yes!  But, my theory really is that, for the most part, my life wouldn't change much, and if it did change in a Spiritual way, it would be for the better because I'd have more time to read the Bible, write about the Bible, write songs about God, record those songs, publish those songs, and promote those songs about God to the masses.  People who know me well, also understand I have a few desired items, but most of my joy comes from being the guy who can "picks up the bill" at a dinner or entertain guests with an exiting evening full of food and laughter.  I'm not so much about possessions as I am about the appreciation felt by doing something for another person.  I'll do anything to make people my own detriment.  Don't get me wrong, I do know I'm an ass, but most of the time it's either my frustration with people's total lack of common sense, or I'm trying to make someone laugh at the expense of others.

So what would I spend my millions on?  (Oh yeah, and we're talking lots of millions.  Like hundreds of millions in this dream post).  My first purchase would be something for driving.  Currently the list would probably include an Audi A8, Q7, or R8.  Or all 3.  Right now those are my favorites.

 I'd, of course, buy a house, or more likely, property to build my dream home on.  I'd want enough land to build a driving course too (more on that in a minute).  I'd want to take vacations to Hawaii.  I'd hire someone to go on that vacation to watch the kids (applications will be accepted from friends too so, be thinking of what qualifies you to go).  I'd find a very safe investment where the interest earned would be enough for a normal salary, let's say $80k to $100k per year.  This investment would be the "untouchable" portion of the winnings, set aside to pay me for the rest of my life.  Sure, it's not going to be earning as much as the money could possibly earn in more aggressive investing, but at this point wealth is not the goal.  I'm already there.

But that's really the list of purchases for myself.  A house with property.  A few of my favorite vehicles.  Vacation.  And a few safe investments, including money for my kids colleges and their own needs (and a few wants).  The rest, I'd want to us doing things for others.  Now, I'm not talking charity type stuff.  I'm not trying to sound giving and like I'd suddenly be this super loving guy.  I'd actually be really cautious and steer clear of almost all charity style giving.  I don't trust most of them.  I'm really referring to friends and family giving.  I'd take care of those close to me, the ones I love and care about.  Sure, I'd support my church, but mostly I'd become physically involved at church, seeing how I wouldn't need a job.  I'd volunteer for programs and projects, get back into music, maybe teach some.  But the no job thing leads me to my next points.

I'd want to continue in some line of work.  Some days I think I'd go back into law enforcement.  Other days I think something simple and mindless like a bank teller would be nice.  Today I actually thought about a "stay at home" position with the bank, were I work a phone, answering operational questions for branches all over the country.  But here is how I see these jobs working out:

Law Enforcement Job
The law enforcement job works out where, I'd want to purchase my own car.  Currently I'd look at the Dodge Charger since the Crown Victoria is all but gone, although recently I heard my old agency may be going with the Chevy Tahoe.  I'd have it painted in the scheme of the hiring agency.  I'd outfit it with all the latest and greatest technology, including all the upgraded hardware and software available to work with existing systems.  I'd also eventually invest time and money into bringing the agency's hardware and software up to modern specs as well.  I would require a paid position and union protections, but the salary would not be the concern.  Mainly, I'd want all the available protections afforded officers of the law, from the public and criminals who may want to take from me and my winnings to satisfy their own greed.  I would not ask for pay during the training portion of the job, but I'd wait until I was a stand alone officer, to allow the agency and other officers time to see my commitment to taking criminals to jail, making people feel safe, and being involved in the community (is that not the perfect cop answer?).

After establishing myself in the job and proving I am a hard working officer, willing to do the same tasks as anyone else, I would work on things that can make doing the job more efficient, safe, and productive.
From my short time on patrol, my first thought here is a system within the cars that makes it easier, safer, and quicker to gain information on a call, a suspect, or a vehicle, etc. that an officer is involved with.  Also, I'd work to upgrade all the communications systems throughout the given agency, so there are not areas within the jurisdiction where communication is a problem.  I'd work on the report writing system and dispatching system to create seamless transfer of information, creating templates for many of the reoccurring crime reports, so that completion of the report is quicker, more straight forward, and to the point.  In car report writing systems could be created with pre-populated information and drop-down cells to help quickly and accurately write a report.  Agency wide networking would allow for officers to access the information anywhere.

My home driving course (on the land I referenced earlier) would be set up to facilitate training and ongoing refresher courses for safe officer Emergency Vehicle Operations Course requirements, and additional quality vehicle operations.  I would design a course that allowed for fast driving, winding road courses, and other intense conditions, such as wet pavement and slide control training.  I would spend time and money on my own skills to properly prepare me to train officers in pursuit and code 3 driving.  I'd offer access to the officers at free or reduced costs so they could continue to practice and hone their skills on their own time.  I'd also offer the course and equipment to the agency to facilitate required training mandates.  I'd provide the vehicles, with the same specifications as the agency's fleet.  I'd also provide an area for shooting practice and arrest control technique training.  My property would be a virtual academy for law enforcement training.

Bank Job
I would have nothing to learn if I went the bank teller route  As a teller, I'd spend all my time talking to customers and running their simple transactions.  I'd want to do this in a place where there is high traffic, not so I'm busy all the time, but because the only challenge for a bank teller is to keep people happy while moving them through a large line and offering them products and services that might benefit them.  I can do all the duties of a bank teller in my sleep...sometimes I did.  Really, I'd take this job as a millionaire, simply for the ability to entertain customers, without any responsibility except fulfilling their banking requests.  Mindless? Yes.  But I'd also have the interaction with people I'd need to allow me an opportunity to entertain.

If I went toward an operation support position, something called Retail Support where I work, it would allow me to use my current knowledge of policies and procedures, along with the ability to refine, revise, and possibly write policies. I've been doing this already in a limited scope but in past with major impact, writing policies, creating forms, and providing access and training.  Still today, I am emailed often from people all over the company looking for revised or electronic versions of my forms and handouts.  I'd love to have a more connected role to the current policy writers and be more involved in the processes that shape how things are done within the company.  I'd look at combining the efforts of the policy writers with those of the training department, to more completely offer the correct processes to follow.

Of course, even without the lottery winnings, this job would be awesome.  But, by winning the Lottery millions, I'd do it in a capacity that allowed me to be part time and home based.

Conclusion to Crazy Talk
So, I wrote this to talk about my wants, but it really made me think about what I want to do with myself.  In reality, winning the Lottery is probably not going to happen and the law enforcement thing is probably too much of a drastic life change with too many unknown variables.  But the Retail Support thing is really what I want to do.  I really want to do it in the capacity of someone who can make the changes happen.  What would that require?  I'm not sure.  How does anyone become a mover and a shaker in a huge company like mine?  These are the questions that, if answers, can lead to great success.  I'm the type that doesn't feel uncomfortable asking the successful how they managed to make it happen, but I know often times there are people who feel threatened by people who push themselves forward aggressively (it's challenged me more than once).  I've always been good at the jobs I've held,  and if I wasn't good at something, I made the required changes to make success happen.  I'll conclude with these thoughts:

1.  I need to pursue what I love.
2.  I need to look harder from the outside in at what that pursuit needs to be.
3.  I need to make the moves to make it happen without feeling like it's going to takes winning the Lottery.

So, I really didn't win the lottery, but if I did....yeah, it'd be some stuff on this list for sure.

September 17, 2011

Star Trek Is Better Than Star Wars...Says William Shatner

Star Trek is better than Star Wars.  Captain Kirk explains why.

He actually makes some really good points and I tend to agree.  It is a superior franchise, with better stories, told with more drama, better writing, and believable situations...well believable for the future.  The science in Star Trek is better.

Anyway, Bill explains it much better.

September 5, 2011

Nataly Dawn Sings a Crash Test Dummies Song

This is two of my music likes together in one place.  First, Nataly Dawn from Pomplamoose singing, and second, a Crash Test Dummies song.  I listened to CTD in High School and, while Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmmm was their most famous song, Superman's Song was a close second.  I even molded some of my own songs and sounds after them.

Crash Test Dummies version.

September 4, 2011

CEO Howard Schultz Letter 2011.."disappointed by the pervasive failure of leadership in Washington"

Here is an image of the actual letter emailed out to so many of us, from CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz.  I hope this is a wake-up call to the leadership in Washington.  And, although I don't know the politics Mr. Schultz, I am so excited by a letter like this, citing over 100 business leaders' signed pledge to:

First, to withhold political campaign contributions until a transparent, comprehensive, bipartisan debt-and-deficit package is reached that honestly, and fairly, sets America on a path to long-term financial health and security. Second, to do all we can to break the cycle of economic uncertainty that grips our country by committing to accelerate investment in jobs and hiring.
I sure hope the power of a man like Mr. Schultz and others listed on the website in the letter ( can put a fire under our country's leaders and get things back on track.

One more thing that I find interesting is, the fact that the Fed is now suing 18 banks or so, (mine is not listed *yippie*), for bad lending practices.  The only problem is, THEY WERE HUGELY RESPONSIBLE FOR IT, acting as Fanny and Freddie.  The government is big and getting bigger.  Obama is a communist and is leading our country quickly into destruction.  It is a sad day.

August 18, 2011

Anderson Cooper's Punny Laughter

Well, if you didn't hear about this today (or listen to a clip of it on your favorite radio show), Anderson Cooper cracked himself up yesterday.  His laugh?  Well it was funny itself, and is why it's getting so much press.  As a person who has experienced the uncontrollable laugh on occasion, and been embarrassed by the sounds I've made, I can actually appreciate this and I find it rather humorous.

I will say, Anderson's need to explain all the puns in his editorial on this idiot who urinated on a plane sort of ruined the flow of his humorous schpeel.  But the laugh brought it home.

When a Woman's at the Wheel...

"When a woman's at the wheel, Polyglas means more than mileage." - Goodyear.

August 12, 2011

PCSO's New Charger, Jack Conte's Solo Stuff, Gungor's New Album, Free Coffee

I find myself sitting home alone tonight, as my wife and her girlfriends go out to dinner.  I mean, a woman that works that hard to take care of my boys, my home, and me deserves a night out right?  So here's a few things I've been thinking of posting, but never have the time to post.

1.  PCSO went Dodge, a new paint job, and a SWEET looking ride.  The Placer County Sheriff's Office has begun updating their fleet with the next generation patrol vehicle.  Since Ford is discontinuing old faithful (the Crown Victoria/Police Interceptor), Placer went with the rear wheel drive alternative available.  This picture is of a 2011 Dodge Charger, and although Placer won an award for their previous paint scheme in the 90's, this one has been refreshed and renewed.  I love this new car's look.

Here's a look at the old one, if you don't already know what the award winning design was:
 And a PCSO Hummer:

2.  I've talked a lot about Pomplamoose on my site, but the two people that make up the band are also solo artists.  Jack Conte has some radical sounds as a solo artist.  Of course, every nerd loves a good Super Mario remake, but I also love the sound of two others I've posted here:

Jack's Super Mario Bros.

Angry Jack?

A softer sound from Jack.

3.  Gungor is working on their new album.  Here's their sneak peak and an explanation of the bands evolution into this next work (Oh man, I just used the word evolution on my own, and then I just heard them say it in this video).

In case you didn't see it before, this is the album that I first heard at Bridgeway Christian Church in Rocklin, and it's what started my love of this bands music.

4.  I got a free cup of coffee yesterday.  That is all.

August 8, 2011

On Christ The Solid Rock...My Version

Well, I'm a little embarrassed at this video, obviously not so embarrassed as to not post it, but I understand this could be my "Chocolate Rain".  Even the lighting is yellow like that guy's video.  The point of posting this is to get some reaction to this very raw version of my re-write of the classic hymn "On Christ The Solid Rock".  Please add comments to this blog entry, on the "James Guhn Facebook" post, or email me at  Also, I posted the words below if you can't understand them.

Ever since the destruction of the Sacramento metropolitan area's best church (in my opinion of course), First Baptist of Auburn, when the horrible decision was made to split apart a church family that had both mature and immature Christians, with both differing levels of spiritual discernment and leadership, combined with the hearts of both men of God and men of self, I haven't been on a very good path in my own spiritual life.  During my vacation last month, I had the pleasure of watching my Uncle Terry, my mother's youngest sibling, take charge in the absence of my Grandfather as sort of the "spiritual leader" on my mother's side of the family.  He called us all to have evening devotions during our vacation.  They were no longer than 30 minutes of song, scripture, and prayer; and although this was a low key time of family worship, I was so impressed and impacted by this time, I decided to implement it in my own family.  My wife, kids, and I have a time each night now, where we sing spiritual songs (not just hymns), we read the Bible (I started with John, since every pastor I know has taught through this book 18 million times. I'm an exaggerator, see best church comment above), and we pray as a family.

The point is, I miss this being central in my life, not just the music ministry I was involved in at FBC, but really being in God's word consistently, praying, and working on living as though I am actually saved.  ARGH!!!  I hate my sin.  I recorded this video with my iPhone, at a hotel in Redding, while staying there for a work related visit as people were walking in and out of the lobby (it was a little awkward).  But with the loss of access to my piano, it's the only chance I get to play.  I took a binder of songs on the last trip, which included many that I've written or arrange, and this one jumped out at me.  I quickly, in one take, laid down this really rough version, hoping to use it more to remind myself of what I loved doing so much.  I honestly miss music ministry so badly, but feel disqualified these days.  Sin is awful.  And, I don't know if it's that I'm sinning more or realizing my sin more, but I'm frustrated with it and need to find the hope that only comes from Christ.  Often, I'm finding myself so far away from how I know he calls me to live, that the truth of my own salvation pops up as a reoccurring question.  I know He truly is the Rock of salvation, and reading John reminds me of the fact that Jesus, the Word, who was with God in the beginning, and breathed life into all creation, came to earth to die a horrible death, after perfectly living only about as long as I've lived, and paying of the sins I commit every single day.  And yet, knowing these facts, I continue to live in a way that makes people hate me, fear me, attack me, and NOT see God in me.  I'm gross.

So here are the great words to this song:

On Christ the Solid Rock

Words by Edward Mote and William B. Bradbury
Music by Jeremy Burch

Verse 1
My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness
I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus’ name

On Christ the solid rock, I stand
All other ground is sinking sand
All other ground is sinking sand

Verse 2
When darkness veils His lovely face I rest on His unchanging grace
In every high and stormy gale my anchor holds within the veil

Verse 3
When He shall come with trumpet sound, O may I then in Him be found
Dressed in His righteousness alone, faultless to stand before the throne

July 25, 2011

Conan O'Brien Does the 2011 Dartmouth College Commencement Address

This is long but so funny.  There is some language, so it's NSFW.  Another interesting piece of info that makes it more funny is, Conan graduated from Harvard University.

July 24, 2011

Follow my Twitter Feed @jimmythegun

So, if you follow my Twitter feed, you are aware I'm on vacation.  Usually I'd use this time to sit and read or write blog entries, but this year I've vowed to enjoy the beach, get a tan, and be a little more involved with my family.  Today is Sunday and most of the family is going to church.  We are debating not going because putting our kids in an unknown church's kid care program is a little uncomfortable for us.  We are a little over-protective, but it's a sign of the times.  It's actually been a topic of discussion this week.

Anyway, I'm in a slump with the blog too.  I love having it, updating it, and sharing my findings, but Twitter is just so much easier for me to use quickly.  Blogger needs to introduce an iOS app that allows for posting, with simple video embedding, picture uploading, and text inputting for preparing a post.  So far, only Wordpress has grasped the usefulness of an iOS app.  Maybe I should move to Wordpress.

Okay, so this post has nothing of value, except for me to say some words.  Follow my Twitter feed at @jimmythegun.

July 14, 2011

Guitar Strings, Wave Lengths, Frequencies, iPhone 4 Rolling Shutter, Awesome!

I'm not going to begin to pretend I understand what exactly causes the strings to move with, what look like, different wave lengths.  I'm just going to post this awesome video, link a bunch of nerds arguing about what the cause and effect is, and move on.  Enjoy.

July 10, 2011

Less vs Fewer...Learned About From Weird Al

I love Weird Al Yankovic.  And today, I learned that he is actually a pretty fart smeller smart fellow (a joke of his caliber).  So when I saw this awesome video, I turned to my source for what's correct and what's not.  Grammar Girl explains the correct uses for "less" and "fewer", and even gives the example Al does in this short video.

July 8, 2011

This Guy. And His Cello. OMG.

The crazy thing about this is, he is incredibly talented.  Cheesy, but talented.  I especially love the cat at about minute 2:00.  Oh and if you stick around for the whole video, you learn Mr. Winer uses what looks like AstroTurf to create a green screen for all his awesome video effects.

Beatbox Cello Piece

June 27, 2011

Judas is the Demon I Cling To

I sometimes feel like I have a lot to say, but I know it's not usually anything of value.  I've been debating doing an entry on the change in morals and values in just my short 35 years of life, but I know that some would be offended and I'm not always the softest person when it comes to dealing with differing opinions.  My wife (poor thing) can tell you about that.  But I feel like writing something.  So here goes...

First, remember that I added myself to this blog for the attempt at adding spiritual topics.  So, when you see that I've written an entry, feel free to skip it if that's not something that interests you.  Or, if you think me a hypocrite, based on something you've observed in my life that doesn't seem to fall into what I write, realize I already know and that's why I am so glad God saves by grace not merit.

Now, here comes my way of starting a spiritual topic with something that doesn't really sound too spiritual.  I love Lady Gaga.  Honestly, I find her to be a very talented musician.  She does things that can not be considered boring or just like every other artist.  She has an ability to go places with her music, harmonies, and sound that others wish they could reach.  And, unlike many of the artists today, she is actually musically talented.  Now, I didn't include the video to the song I'm going to refer to below, because she does do things that are provocative and inappropriate to my topic, but she is good at her job.

Her newest album, "Born This Way", was recently described to me as "very Catholic".  And, while I've never really been to a Catholic church or Catholic mass or Catholic friend's house, I can see how someone not necessarily involved in a "Christian religion" could believe this, with some of the songs and lyrics on the album.  Which brings me to my main point.  There is a song on the album called Judas, as in the guy who betrayed Christ.  Some of the official words of the song are:

I'm in love with Judas.
When he calls to me I am ready
I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs
Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain
Even after three times he betrays me

I'm just a holy fool oh baby it's so cruel but I'm still in love with Judas baby

Jesus is my virtue and Judas is the demon I cling to

Besides the artistic license taken with regards to biblical accuracy (woman who washed Jesus feet with her hair, Peter was the one who denied knowing Jesus three times, etc.), I actually choose to look at this as a pretty good understanding of the depravity that we "cling to".  The betrayal of Jesus was the ultimate sin, since it was the complete rejection of Christ (the only sin that is not forgiven, since it is the rejection of the only way to salvation).  But we all do it every day.  We all choose self gain over the glory of God.  I would attempt to roughly translate her words as:

I'm in love with myself
When I want something I go after it
I'll do anything for self gratification
Excuse myself for what I do
Deny the prompting of the Holy Spirit

I know what I do is wrong, but I do it anyway because I seek self gratification

Jesus is virtue but I choose the desire I have to satisfy myself

Now, she may not be thinking of it like me.  Perhaps she loves doing what is wrong.  She may find Judas so attractive that she doesn't want to believe he is wrong, but I choose to think of it as a cry against what she knows to be wrong and lacks the strength to deny herself of.  In another part of the song she says, "I'll bring him down, bring him down, down."  What happens is, we think we CAN fight and defeat our sinful desires on our own.  But it's not possible.  Sin, the desire for self gratification and self glorification, is so  strong and so deeply rooted as part of our nature, that we can ONLY cry out for Jesus.  Sin is over powering without the strength granted us from God, through the Holy Spirit.  And only by the blood of Christ are we able to be freed of the sin we have, do, and will commit.

Finally, I know that I may be stretching it a bit with my translation of this song and its meaning, but I think apart from God, all creatures are seeking the completeness that does only come from fulfilling the purpose for our creation, which is to say, we were created to glorifying God and therefore, will only find true joy and wholeness in doing that.  Although the desire to gratify and satisfy our self seems most important, by seeking instead, to glorify God first, total joy and wholeness will be a result that voids our need for self gratification.

And now I've written it to go out tomorrow and not live it.  If only God came now to take me home with Him, so that I would no longer betray him daily with my life.  Damn you Judas.

June 21, 2011

The Baby Birds That Fell From The Tree

The Nest

I arrived home to my awaiting family this evening, greeted at the door by my two beautiful boys, kissed by my wife and welcomed home from my long day at work.  My wife had prepared the dinner, and all but the meat was ready for consumption.  I knew my grilling expertise would be required for the handmade burger patties waiting on a plate.  I needed to fire up my barbecue.  As I opened the sliding glass door leading to the patio, I hear a scratching noise coming from some boxes.  The boxes, left over from the bunk beds we build last weekend for my boys, were stacked against the fence line of the patio.  I cautiously approached the boxes, not sure what I was going to find trapped within.  I carefully peered into one of the boxes and saw a little bird, which I assumed was unable to fly out due to the narrow walls and the depth of the box it was in.

I decided, in case it was sick or injured to the point of an impending death, I would lift the box over the fence and dump the bird onto the soft bushes on the other side.  This would also allow the bird to perch atop the bushes for an easier takeoff, once the shock of the ordeal wore off.  What I didn't notice was the large hole at the top of the box, which caused the little bird to fall out of the box and into my arms, and then onto my patio slab.  It hopped around the patio, scared and searching for a safe place to hide from me.  (Now, I'm not going to lie.  I let out a little sound that any good, startled person would emit.  Okay, I slightly screamed.)

I ran casually strolled into the house to tell my wife what had just happened.  I formed a plan of how to get this little bird out of my tiny backyard.  I decided to use a broom, not to push the little thing, but to guide the bird out of the side gate and onto the sidewalk.  The plan worked perfectly.  The little bird found its way into the landscaping in front of our residence.  And then, the most amazing thing happened.  The mother bird arrived.  It was then that I realized this little bird was actually a baby, who had fallen from its nest.  The mother began calling to the baby bird as though to say, "Spread your wings little one.  Fly.  Fly."  The moment was almost precious, nature at its purest.
Nature at its purest

I ran into the house again, this time to tell my family of the little storybook scene unfolding in front of our home.  The boys ran to the front window to watch.  My wife gently reminded me of my original purpose for going to the patio.  I decided to sneak another peak at the reunited baby and its mother, of course, after I started the grill.

As I approached the grill and began to remove its cover, I could hear myself screaming again found myself startled again.  Another baby bird was on the patio, this time waiting to jump out at me as I removed the cover from my grill.  This little one knew the escape route and took it, passing my jumpy legs and heading for the hole under the gate and on to the freedom its sibling found.  The mother bird screeched at this little one too.  "Fly children. Fly," she said.  She hopped up, and adding a quick thrust of her wings, landed herself on the lowest branch of a tree.  "See children, it's that easy.  Try it.  You can do it," she was diligently calling to them.  She knew it was not safe down on the ground.  "Squawk Squawk"!  She showed them a few more times.  God's creation is amazing.
Where's Waldo?  There are two birds in this picture.  Can you find them?

Realizing I needed to cook up some amazing burgers (which I know were amazing because I'm writing this hours after eating them.  It's not bragging if it's true), I turned and started the grill.  While it warmed and I began to comprehend the horror that will ultimately become those baby birds' last day if they don't get the flying thing down, I realized I'd better go wash my hands before I touch any of the burger patties my wife so lovingly prepared for our dinner, you know, just in case I got bird on me.

I think the moral is clear here.  Have a point to your stories or you'll just end it with everyone wanting to wash their hands of you.  So good night, and thanks for reading.

June 20, 2011

Music beta by Google

So Google finally sent me an invite to its music service.  I started the upload, at 10:40pm tonight.  I have about 4000 songs (or so says Google's Music Manager software), so we'll see how long this upload takes.  For now, I like the web interface.  I'm disappointed there is not an iOS app for it, but I'm sure Apple will block that for obvious reasons.  Amazon, for that matter, needs an iOS app for their music service too.  I mean, iPhone is the #1 phone, right?  You can't really count all the fragmentation that IS Android, can you?  Is Android actually #1?  I don't know.  I don't do research.  I let the blogs do that for me.  I just repeat crap they say.

So, there's a bunch of nothing to say, I'll let you all know what I think about Music beta by Google.  Thought #1: get a better name than Music beta by Google, or Music by Google, which I assume is what it will be called after coming out of beta testing.  How about "Goosic"?  It's Google and Music smashed together?  Huh? Okay, that's more lame.  

Goosic.  It's Music.  Anywhere. by Google by Jimmy the Gun

MY Google +1 Button...Click It

I've added a Google +1 button to my website.  I'm not really sure what it does, even after reading the description on the website for it, but +1 my site any way.
|I added this picture so you could find it.

UPDATE:  If the +1 is blue, it means you've already +1'd it.  If it's gray you still need to do it.  SO DO IT!