February 2, 2013

My YouTube History...Because I Don't Have Time To Blog

I've wanted to post so many things to my blog, but I don't ever have time anymore.  And, because I make absolutely no money sitting at a computer writing my opinion, the blogging takes a backseat to the rest of my life.  But, in the interest of sharing some finds with my few followers, here are some videos from my YouTube History.

Depeche Mode has a new album coming the end of March.  Here is their first released video.

Here is Joe Getty from the "Armstrong and Getty Show" (on AM Talk 650) confirming that he can easily make a 37 yard field goal, unlike David Akers of the 49ers, who missed one in the NFC championship game.  Sure, Akers kicked a 63-yarder and tied the NFL record or something, but he missed the easy one.

Don't run from the police in Slavic countries.

The Trombone was never cooler, except when Commander Riker played his on Star Trek.

My next Ford?  I would love to drive an F150 again, and this concept is sweet.

What cold is in Los Angeles looks silly to the rest of the USA.

Now this is a video.  It's Fresh from Bel-Air.

Do not try this.  Double BMW Donuts.

Cool, crazy things people do.

Audi is about to make Google Maps, Earth, and Search part of its cars.  This video was made by my favorite car company using Google Maps/Street View.

The science of Guiness beer can really be hyped, to the point of making it seem like it's one of the wonders of the world.  Of course, it makes it look like it tastes amazing.

Science is fun.  Should you run or walk in the rain?