August 20, 2016

Why So Thin? The Anorexic iPhone Problems.

Why do cell phones have to continue to get thinner?  Why do manufacturers think this is still the consumers' desired design element?  These days, my iPhone with its Apple designed leather case, is not so simple to pick up from a flat surface.  Why?  Maybe it's because I have fat fingers.  Or maybe, it's because the iPhone is too thin.  And why did this pique my interest?  Because is the catalyst for the work Microsoft is doing to correct itself; maybe Apple will read this and make some corrections.  Also, I'm full of bright ideas.  Just look at my old posts.  You'll see.

I read this article tonight and it made me realize, Apple has now compromised design and function for thinness.  The camera lens is thicker than the rest of the phone, causing the design flaw.  And the battery on the 6S is not good.  It suffers from size and capacity.  Oh yeah, and bear-paw handed people can't pick up the iPhone easily.  I want the feel of the old iPhone 3G back.  It's nice curved back sat nicely in my hand.

Rant over.