September 29, 2009

All The Single Ladies....This is Better

I love these tricky editing and layering music videos. This one is great. UPDATE: This one has crazy good harmony. Such a cool sound to this old song. Julie Andrews would be proud...I'm guessing.

Beeeeeez. RUN!!!

September 28, 2009

How Does Dell Sell Anything?

How does Dell sell anything these days? I am trying to upgrade my hard drive from the original 60Gb to something closer to 250 or 320Gb. The problem I am having is the speed of the drive. I wanted a 7200rpm drive, but I can't find any larger than 80Gb. And maybe that's all there is, but Dell is no help. I called and was transferred 3 times, then told there would be a wait. Next, while I was also on their website, a chat request window popped up from Dell and I accepted the request. I started down in a queue of 12 people. What is wrong with this company? I'm attempting to call or chat so I can BUY something from them and I can't even get through to a person. Their phone menu system works off voice recognition...(or doesn't work). I kept getting the, "sorry, I didn't understand that" from the other end. Now, I'm still sitting here waiting for someone to help me. And, while I've been waiting I've found (via the Internet search, and Western Digital's website) I'm going to have to go with a slower drive. Is it worth it? I don't know, but I can tell you, Dell will never get a dime from me again. What a messed up company. UPDATE: About 15 minutes later my chat began and I was given an 800# to call with my request. I called the number and got through to a person, only the person answered the phone as the "toner and ink refill department" or something to that affect. Then, the 80Gb hard drive was the only option at something like $215. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? That's almost the price of a new laptop.

September 27, 2009

The R's

Since the Scirocco is not coming to the USA, I'll take a VW Golf R.

September 26, 2009

The Perfect Crayon

One from Red Robin, one from BJ's Pizza. One round and one triangle. One rolls off the table, one does not. Good job BJ's. Good job.

September 25, 2009

2011 Ford Super Duty

I'm not going to lie, I hope Ford figures out how to be successful above and beyond their current and past performances. I hope they show GM and Chrysler, the two American Car companies that took government money and are still struggling, how a company in a struggling industry can shed pounds, build better vehicles around what the consumers want, and make it through a tough economical time. Ford has the opportunity to be a leader in this country and others. Also, I'm posting the videos series about the new Super Duty for my own benefit. I want to be able watch these videos now and later, as I think Ford's use of Mike Rowe is really smart. They used him with the F-150 video series that showed off the F-150's benefits and better build qualities over the Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra, and Dodge Ram. Here are the videos for the upcoming 2011 Ford Super Duty (F-250, 350, etc): My only complaint so far is the fact that the yellow(orange) blinker is on top and the headlight is on the bottom. It's backward to me and looks weird. Take a look: I do think the truck is really good looking, much better looking than the current model. Here's my wallpaper: For a complete gallery, check out Autoblog.

Nothing Soft Gets into Toyota Country

Good Stuff.

September 24, 2009

Dead Bird = Gross Maggots Everywhere

First, this is a picture of the concrete area where my trash cans sit. Second, this is a close-up of just one of the score lines in the concrete area where my trash cans sit. Finally, this is a close-up of the maggots in the score line in the concrete area where my trash cans sit. This is the grossest thing I've ever dealt with; thousands of maggots drawn to a dead bird inside of a black garbage bag my "bug guy" found on the other side of my house. And do you want to know how I discovered the maggots? WITH MY BARE FEET, when I took out the garbage the other night.

September 23, 2009

Why Cops Go To EVOC

I hope i didn't already post this, but this is why law enforcement goes to EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course). This guy is a moron...the cop I mean.

September 22, 2009

Mountain Dew Throwback Design is Set

Mountain Dew Labs announced the Mountain Dew Throwback design will be this bottle. I posted I didn't like it here, but after some time to let the history of Mountain Dew sink in, I still think it's a little cheesy. Apparently, 75% of the lab thought it was "the choice." Here's, again, is the original video:

September 21, 2009

Jones Pure Cane Soda-Cream Soda

Can you say, "amazing"? This is by far the best cream soda I've ever had. It reminds me of cotton candy, only this one is refreshing and AMAZING. Jones Soda is really good. I'm going to have to look into them a little more. On the bottle, "no high fructose corn syrup"; I like that.

September 16, 2009

The Fit is No Go

The California Highway Patrol (CHP), in what I'm assuming is LA (since the video is from KTLA), tried a PIT (Precision Immobilization Technique) maneuver on this Honda Fit. Notice after several failed attempts from several different CHP units, they finally are somewhat successful in slowing the Fit. Then, with one final ram from the all white unit the Fit is no go. The officers assume the classic “circle the wagons” pattern (a.k.a. cross-fire pattern), and while the Fit is still attempting its get-away, one "Chippie" decides to gets out of the passenger-side of the all white CHP unit. Although the Fit was close to being immobilized, an officer in this situation may become aware of the danger of being run down by the suspects. If the Fit's driver continued his attempts to flee, and the officer outside the white unit became fearful for his life, the officer may have opened fire on the Fit's driver. With the cross-fire set up these CHP units were in, this officer may have sent rounds in the direction of his fellow officer (at the top of the screen in the black and white unit). That officer did recognize the situation and moved out of the line of fire, but things can happen so quickly. Besides the horrible tactical positioning of the vehicles, the weak PIT maneuver attempts, and the appearance of controlled chaos, California is also in the middle of a budget crisis. Right away, the CHP should be working to implement a policy outlining guidelines for how many pursuing vehicles are allowed to be involved in both a pursuit and the application of a PIT maneuver. Both the agency that trained me and the one I worked for had specific policies for pursuits and PIT type maneuvers. From my training and experience, it seems very unnecessary for so many CHP units to attempt to PIT the Fit. I was trained when, where, and how hard to hit another car to cause the spin out. If timidity causes the first attempt not to work correctly, the bad guys gain knowledge in how to avoid further attempts. Poor execution of the maneuver is more dangerous then not using it at all. I was trained on the same course as those very CHP officers. I learned the same technique they did, I learned how to properly execute the move, and I learned a weak maneuver attempt results in the bad guys continuing on their path of destruction. I do love law enforcement, and I do know there are times when nerves and adrenaline may cause an officer to make poor decisions. But, proper and ongoing training is the corrective process. The CHP has a training course second to none. They may need to send a few guys back for a refresher course.  

September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze Died

Patrick Swayze passed away yesterday after his public battle with pancreatic cancer for the past few years. He was 57. In 1991, he was voted People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. He was also in one of the best SNL skits ever done. After my work at the jail, I have a closeness with this video of Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze. The inmates "lovingly" referred to me and a fellow officer as these two Chippendales. This was found (and the titles were probably earned) because of our aggressive contraband searching skills and disciplinary report writing success:

Bank of America/Countrywide, What a Horrible Company

Due to job/income changes, we are having to sell our house. AND, because the value is not near what we owe on the place, we are attempting a short sale. Our lender Countrywide, now Bank of America, continues to drag their feet, SO MUCH SO, our buyer's offer from the end of March was just pulled. I couldn't believe the buyer hung in as long as he did. 5 months is a looong escrow...and we weren't even in escrow yet. We were still just waiting for B of A to say, "yes" and accept the offer. Now we hope the backup offer is still in place but it's a few months old now too. B of A / Countrywide is a huge problem. They keep changing "negotiators" on us, which resets the clock every time so the new negotiator can "review" the file. It's a joke really. We have a good market value offer on our home, and Bank of America/Countrywide won't move forward with the offer. It's getting stupid. I don't understand why they would rather force us and them into foreclosure instead of accepting a good offer. And we tried with them. We sent hardship letters and called them and faxed them and had our realtor call, but there has never been any help from them. It seems like they want to force people into foreclosure and take back the houses and try to sell them on their own which, according to my realtor, they are not getting offers near what we had. These REO's (or bank owned homes) are not going for the types of offers we've presented. So here it is: Dear Bank of America/Countrywide, Get your stuff together you morons! Sincerely, Jimmy the Gun

September 12, 2009

WHY Windows? WHY? Part 2

Here's my computer only days after formatting and reinstallation. Just going to have lunch. This is my version of the most delicious burger from Red Robin. This chili burger was so good.

September 11, 2009

Retro Toyota

This looks like a retro Toyota know, back when it was just called a Toyota...back when they made trucks that are STILL on the road today.

More Ken Block

I love watching this guy drive.

September 10, 2009

2010 Toyota 4Runner

We are in the market for an SUV with 3 rows of seating that is comfortable, well built, and is priced right. Although the 2010 Toyota 4Runner has not made it's official debut, I'm excited to show off this picture. Now, I have to hope that it is priced right, is a little bigger than the current 2009 model, and it's able to live up to its name. See more at

Billy Jean is Amazing on Acoustic

I saw this on a few weeks back but I wanted to share it with my readers. You 2 will enjoy this. IT's Amazing. I also found that this kid does a ton of other stuff. He's really good. Check out his YouTube page.

The Autobahn...Faster...Safer...Better

The Autobahn is known for high speed driving and limitless excitement. Some benefits of the Autobahn that we get to enjoy are the German engineered cars that are built to handle the speeds and driving pressures of the Autobahn, as well as the vehicles' safety features for the occasional high speed accident. But don't think the Autobahn is more dangerous than American roads. Stricter adherence to the laws of "Stay Right" (a law that I would ticket every non-conformist for) and a higher concentration on the task of driving actually produce less accidents than our American Interstate system. This is a full episode from Modern Marvels, but it is so good that you must watch it. I-5 in California should be turned into an American Autobahn. It would cost a substantial amount of money up front, but there would be benefits to its creation in to form of more visitors to the State of California, generating money for the state, more opportunities for businesses along this "American Autobahn", and an opportunity for American Car Companies to get into the "love of driving" that the German manufactures have. Don't hold your breath though. This big government won't be letting people enjoy freedoms and liberties like the love of driving. It won't happen. Increased pollution, high consumption of fuels, and because we'd love it, the big government won't be saying yes any time soon. Hey, but it's fun to dream.

Music's for the Birds

This is neat.

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

September 7, 2009

Sony ZX5

The embedding code was even in Japanese but this is the next greatest TV. It's an LED TV so it's light, bright, and amazing. I can't wait for it to be announced in the USA. Maybe then, I will upgrade to HD and a PS3 with Blu-Ray...or not because I'm poor. Yes please.

1963: First Diet Pepsi a.k.a. Patio Diet Cola

In 1963, in a new market of diet colas aimed at housewives (apparently they were getting fat), Pepsi introduced their first diet cola called Patio. With slogans like, "New! A sugar-free cola with rewarding true-cola taste!" Pepsi joined Coca-Cola's Tab and the one time giant Royal Crown Cola's Diet Rite. My dad still talks about nothing tasting better than a cold RC Cola out of a bottle. I will admit, it's better than Coca-Cola, or Coke. I did a search for images of the Patio cans and bottles and found this awesome site of images from all the USA soda jerks.

September 6, 2009

WHY Windows? WHY?

Why do I have to format my computer so often with Windows XP? I will be out of commission for awhile with my laptop. This is LAME!

These Guys have Skills..Funny

I posted the Ken Block video here, showing the amazing skills of this driver. Now Rob Dyrdek, a professional skater and the hilarious Rob from "Rob and Big" fame, takes the driving skills to the next level. I wish Rob and Big was still on. It was so funny. Here's a trailer from the show.
Here's the driving skills of Block and Dyrdek:

American 3 After The Shake Up

One website coined the phrase the "Carpocalypse." In my blog reading I came across an article on that pointed to which had this pretty interesting graph of the before and after ownership matrix of Ford, GM, and Chrysler. I broke the graphs down a little with my amazing "Windows Paint" skills. (I need a Mac.) Below is the full graph embedded from; then below that are my cuts for each major company. AutoIndustryFinal2
Personal Finance Image from Here's Ford (click image to enlarge): I think they are staged to do well. Here's GM (click image to enlarge): I think they are still looking weak. Here's Chrysler (click image to enlarge): They are still hosed. Poor Fiat. Honestly, Ford looks okay. It seems they could still do a lot better without the union making horrible decisions and costing so much money. I can guarantee that, if given the opportunity, I could help shape a smarter, even more lean, company. The problems I see are: the over sized and over powerful unions, too many politics involved in company business, so much wasted money on things like bad advertising methods and an R&D department that doesn't seem to do any research or development among true automotive fans or around what consumers really want, decisions to give up huge market shares like the 85% of police and taxi vehicle sales for reasons that probably stem from tired vehicles and lagging sales of those vehicles among the civilian consumers, and so much more. I have ideas that I know would work. They have to do with what vehicles have been successful and why. It's about making the best, safest, sexiest vehicles available. Get rid of the politics, the back room deals, the greed and lies, and simply make great cars and trucks that are designed around quality of build and the desires of the consumers. Reduce the overhead and reduce the costs. Remove the waste and become a more profitable company. Create a company that is well respected and grow through that reputation.

September 3, 2009

There's a Break-in at Apple

Although Apple's computers are expensive, somewhere in Marlton, New Jersey you can get a discount on one. Just look for 4 guys with sweatshirts for faces.