December 24, 2006

It Burns, Make It Stop

During the Police Academy I was on a strict diet which included the exclusion (that wording just sounded funny to me so I left it in) of all soda. Along with no soda, I was eating a diet of whole grains, low fats, and a good balance of carbs and protein. My current diet is close to the same amount and types of foods but I've added soda back on the list of approved items. The difference now is, with the re-introduction of the "Nectar of Life" (a.k.a. Mountain Dew), I have heartburn.

Prior to the academy I had heartburn that was bad enough I almost sought medical attention for it. I was taking some sort of antacid everyday. During the academy, through all the stress and hard times I faced there, my heartburn all but disappeared. I believe it had to do with the absence of acids in soda. Now that I'm back on "the juice" I've started to suffer from heartburn again.

I have not done any research regarding the correlation between soda and heartburn, but I feel my heartburn is affected by the ingestion of this liquid heaven (Christian friends, please do not think I actually think Mountain Dew is anything close to heaven). I originally thought the reduction in heartburn was due to weight loss but I have not returned to my pre-academy weight. I am still about 200lbs, down almost 30lbs from before the academy training.

This post is mainly to inquire as to anyone's thoughts on this. Can soda give heartburn? Can this desirable beverage, in fact, produce a downward spiral into heartburn hell? (Again, Christian friends please don't think that I believe heartburn is anything like the pain and suffering Hell will offer non-believers) Please post your comments regarding your opinion of soda and heartburn. Do you think soda can cause heartburn? What can I do to enjoy my Mountain Dew and not have the heartburn?

By the way, I had pizza for dinner tonight. Is it from the pizza? Probably both.

December 19, 2006

What A Buy, It's A Gaming Machine (Animal)

DELL XPS GEN II 2.0GHz Intel Pentium M 1GB DDR RAM 17” LCD Nvidia 256MB Graphics Card 60GB HD 7200rpm Windows XP Pro MS Office Small Business (Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Powerpoint) DVD/CD ROM XPS Backpack I'm switching to Mac. Because of my music and a desire to produce a CD of my own songs, I want to buy a MacBook Pro for the abilities it has to do this. I am asking $2,500.oo for this XPS. I priced out one on Dell's site a couple weeks ago and the price for a very similar system was about $400.00 more. Dell will charge tax on top of that. I've had mine since May 2005. Email me or post a comment and I will review any offers.

Jail Wars - Lucas Wishes

This would be awesome if it was true...and I was going to star in it. The truth is, the night shift can be slow at times. If the weather is cold, the bad guys don't like to come out as often. Anyway, enjoy.

December 14, 2006

December 13, 2006

Watch This! This Is Musical Genius.

Just For Now!? How about "Just for Wow! I think this is really amazing. She is really talented. This is Imogen Heap.

Test Your Ear. Was That The Same?

This link will take you to a very difficult music test. See what you can do and email me or post a comment with your score. Here's my score:

December 5, 2006

Is Your Emergency Contact "The White House?"

While working in the jail as a floor officer with the freedom to help all over the jail, I was in booking and helping with a fresh intake. The arrestee, we'll call "Grandpa Sailorman" (because he looked likePopeye's dad), was asked for the name of his emergency contact. He gave the name George Bush. The four officers and I had a good laugh at that and then I asked him if he had George's number at the White House. Grandpa Sailorman rattled off some (202)-###-1414 number (something like that, that's all Iremember). I joked with the other officers and said, "It would be funny if that was the number." I told another officer she should call it and see if George answers. Officer"W" made the call. There was an answer. "WHITE HOUSE." a felame voice said. Officer "W" hung up the phone and we all laughed in shock that the number really was to the White House. I told Grandpa Sailorman he was free to go. No, he wasn't. But it was the craziest thing yet for me. This job is AWESOME!