March 22, 2023

Electronic Music, Mitch Murder, and Apple Music Embedding Code

 I'm into "electronic" music.  I've been a Depeche Mode fan forever.  I've loved stuff from Erasure and Pet Shop Boys.  Sometimes, Tears for Fears was confused with Depeche Mode.  So, as a test of Apple Music's embedding code, here's an electronic band remaking the biggest hit of Tears for Fears:

In 2016, I was introduced to Mitch Murder, who wrote the soundtrack for a ridiculous movie called Kung Fury.  It's free on YouTube.  And here's the soundtrack via YouTube:

Mitch Murder is amazing.  He's dynamic and retro, but so talented on sounds and how to make it not sound too redundant, which many electronic bands struggle with (me included).

I haven't recorded any new music in a while, but I have some ideas I want to work on and complete.  Anyway, this was just a quick break at work and a change to see if the Apple Music embedding code works.  Now sure it really does.