April 29, 2008

Poor Dog Got Schooled

This is an awesome BMW M-series commercial. I actually found myself feeling bad for the dog. And, I hate dogs.

April 22, 2008

Game It Up 4!!!

The evolution of gaming is coming. Google's new cell phone platform, combine with real world multiplayer first person shooter, is going to be the next platform of social networking combine with gaming and statistics tracking. The 3104 Clan will have to join. Maybe the software writers will be able to modify it to work with the 3G iPhone (if the iPhone2 has a GPS chip). This truly is an awesome idea. I'm in. I will join this type of game. They can design it in such a way that you could play it any time, any where. Everyone likes the social networking. This type of gaming could take it to the next level. Say you are in a city on vacation, and your program alerts you to an enemy approaching. You get the kill. But then you get to meet a fellow nerd, someone into the same game as you are. Say you're in Napa, CA on a tour of the wine country. You are alerted to a teammate in the area. You meet up and share information about your favorite wines. Maybe that teammate is quite a bit wealthier than you are and dinner is on that person. Nice! Cole's Chop House is good.

April 16, 2008

Hero Song...Goodtimes SNL

Not PG...Due To The Violence So I never said my blog was for the kids. Just a heads up. This is a good video. Just FYI, one "bad word" and some physical violence. The world needs more Heroes. Good times. And no, he can't sing.

April 15, 2008

Something Everyone Has To Know

I recognize most of my posts have to do with things I find on other sites, or they are videos I find interesting; and I don’t have a lot of original content that I can truly call my own. Aside from the random rants I go on after discovering information from someone else’s blog on a topic that interests me, I don’t have much in the way of my own works of literary genius.

Unfortunately, I’m not that great a writer. I can write a report for work or expose my opinion on a given topic, but after you weed through the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and formatting mishaps, I’m not all that interesting a blogger. Now and then, I may write something that causes my readers to perk up and take note, but more often than not, the end comes and nothing has been gained from the time wasted read the entry.

Here is my point, I just wrote this entry to see how many of you would read it. And if you made it to this part, you are now realizing I wasted your time. (I’m hilarious.) And the picture attached, I used it just to draw in the Internet searches. I labeled it “most searched image” to see how many hits I could get from it. Analytics will tell me.

Make sure, if you read this whole entry, you add a comment so I know I got you. It’ll be fun. If this post gains the most comments ever on “Jimmy the Gun”, you’ll all win a prize. And by “prize” I mean my appreciation for commenting on an entry that says absolutely nothing of value whatsoever.

April 14, 2008

Should It Be Called "The Judge"?

Here is a short video of a handgun designed for "self-defense." It's called "The Judge" by Taurus. Not a great name if you want to look innocent when you use it. I'm not sure about this thing. It's a little big and I can't get past that name. It is cool that it will fire 410 shot shells; nice big hole in that bad guy.

Hollywood Magic

This is not a normal post for me. Talking about any sports or athletes are not interesting topics to me. Having said that, this first video reminded me of some cool Mountain Dew commercials. Here is Kobe "the alleged rapist" Bryant jumping over an Austin Martin in his Nike Shoes. Probably fake, but still looks good. Remember this MD commercial?

April 6, 2008

Let's Hear It For The Nerds

These videos are for my readers who are truly nerds. Uncle Walt, (Walt Mossberg, a technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal) spoke at a beet.tv conference about the Web becoming a new video medium. He also slammed the USA's lack of guidelines for what can be called "broadband." He sighted the fact that DSL companies claim their 758Kb/sec DSL speed is broadband. Other countries laugh. Walt is an Apple fan, he works for a decent paper, and he is a loud voice for the consumer. He is "Uncle Walt" because the bloggers have adopted him as such due to his ability to act as a loud voice for the technology consumer. If you were paying attention, he dropped that the 3G iPhone is going to be here really soon (60 days).