August 31, 2009

iPod Event on 9/9/09

If you don't already have an iPod, or (like Darth) you've broken yours, there's an Apple iPod event announced for 9/9/09. The rumor is, the iPods are getting cameras. We will see.

Internet Key Milestones (from AP)

Key milestones in the development and growth of the Internet:

1969: On Sept. 2, two computers at University of California, Los Angeles, exchange meaningless data in first test of Arpanet, an experimental military network. The first connection between two sites - UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, Calif. - takes place on Oct. 29, though the network crashes after the first two letters of the word "logon." UC Santa Barbara and University of Utah later join.

1970: Arpanet gets first East Coast node, at Bolt, Beranek and Newman in Cambridge, Mass.

1972: Ray Tomlinson brings e-mail to the network, choosing "at" symbol as way to specify e-mail addresses belonging to other systems.

1973: Arpanet gets first international nodes, in England and Norway.

1974: Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn develop communications technique called TCP, allowing multiple networks to understand one another, creating a true Internet. Concept later splits into TCP/IP before formal adoption on Jan. 1, 1983.

1983: Domain name system is proposed. Creation of suffixes such as ".com," ''.gov" and ".edu" comes a year later.

1988: One of the first Internet worms, Morris, cripples thousands of computers.

1989: Quantum Computer Services, now AOL, introduces America Online service for Macintosh and Apple II computers, beginning an expansion that would connect nearly 27 million Americans online by 2002.

1990: Tim Berners-Lee creates the World Wide Web while developing ways to control computers remotely at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

1993: Marc Andreessen and colleagues at University of Illinois create Mosaic, the first Web browser to combine graphics and text on a single page, opening the Web to the world with software that is easy to use.

1994: Andreessen and others on the Mosaic team form a company to develop the first commercial Web browser, Netscape, piquing the interest of Microsoft Corp. and other developers who would tap the Web's commerce potential. Two immigration lawyers introduce the world to spam, advertising their green card lottery services.

1995: Inc. opens its virtual doors.

1996: Passage of U.S. law curbing pornography online. Although key provisions are later struck down as unconstitutional, one that remains protects online services from liability for their users' conduct, allowing information - and misinformation - to thrive.

1998: Google Inc. forms out of a project that began in Stanford dorm rooms. U.S. government delegates oversight of domain name policies to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN. Justice Department and 20 states sue Microsoft, accusing the maker of the ubiquitous Windows operating system of abusing its market power to thwart competition from Netscape and others.

1999: Napster popularizes music file-sharing and spawns successors that have permanently changed the recording industry. World Internet population surpasses 250 million.

2000: The dot-com boom of the 1990s becomes a bust as technology companies slide., eBay and other sites are crippled in one of the first widespread uses of the denial-of-service attack, which floods a site with so much bogus traffic that legitimate users cannot visit.

2002: World Internet population surpasses 500 million.

2004: Mark Zuckerberg starts Facebook as a sophomore at Harvard University.

2005: Launch of YouTube video-sharing site.

2006: World Internet population surpasses 1 billion.

2007: Apple Inc. releases iPhone, introducing millions more to wireless Internet access.

2008: World Internet population surpasses 1.5 billion. China's Internet population reaches 250 million, surpassing the United States as the world's largest. Netscape's developers pull the plug on the pioneer browser, though an offshoot, Firefox, remains strong. Major airlines intensify deployment of Internet service on flights.

2009: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer becomes the first major daily newspaper to move entirely online. Google announces development of a free computer operating system designed for a user experience that primarily takes place on the Web.

August 30, 2009

BMW's Plug-in Hybrid Turbodiesel Concept

I guess with a concept vehicle you can make any claim you want, and BMW is claiming this concept with go from 0 to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds, while scoring 62.6 mpg. Sure. But I liked the look so much posted it anyway. Technology seems like it should be at levels like this claim, but until someone produces it for the masses, I'm not going to believe numbers like this. See more about this at Autoblog.

August 29, 2009

Fail Blog dot org

My sister told me about a site called I found this:

Why give up 85% of the Market?

Because you are Ford and you have too many morons running the company. The Detroit News is saying Ford announced they are out of the Crown Victoria market after 2011. With 85% of the police vehicle market, why would a car company do that? Their name is in almost every city, county, and state government law enforcement agency. As Autoblog said it, "Ford is in a bit of a predicament in that the Crown Vic has the police (and cab) market to itself and, as Ford President Mark Fields points out to The Detroit News, the CV gives Ford a presence in just about every municipality in America." So why don't they redesign the Crown Victoria (like I've been saying since the Dodge Charger came out)? Use the similar rear wheel drive chassis with safety and technology updates. Use the body on frame design. Use the column shifter. Make it big and strong and durable. Here's what I want to say to Ford: Dear Ford, The Crown Victoria IS a tired car. It's looked and handled and driven the same for decades now, and it is time to come up with a modern car for the people. But, you need to do it smartly. You have the greatest foundation in police cruisers in America. True Blue loves Blue Oval Crown Victorias. So start with all the features and specifications the Crown Victoria has, and bring them into the future. Expand upon the already great vehicle you have. Don't give us wimpy Tauruses as your answer. Cops like big, strong, durable vehicles. Give them that! Take the CV to a whole new level of amazing. As someone who worked in law enforcement for 30 seconds, contact me and I'll show you what to do. Together with a design team I WILL show you how to design a car that cops and cabbies and the public will love. With the heritage of the Crown Vic and the Interceptors prowess, we can design and bring to reality the next Ford Crown Victoria/Police Interceptor. I'll be waiting for your call FoMoCo. Let's Do This! Sincerely, Jimmy the Gun

Dew Labs Taste Test Part #3 (final)

I'm sitting here on a Saturday, enjoying the music of Imogen Heap, a box fan making it bearable for the A/C to be set at 76 degrees, drinking a Pepsi Natural, and deciding to complete my review of the 3 secret flavors of Mountain Dew soon to come to the world for voting. So here I go: #231 - This is my favorite of the 3. It was crisp, refreshing, clean, and tasted great. It was Dew with a twist of lime. My wife and I came up with the name LimeLight. I've submitted that to the Lab and I hope it gets picked. I guess I don't get anything out of it if my name and flavor description are picked, except the joy of creating it, but this is still such a great experience. And sooo far, MD hasn't told me I can tell you all about it. #493 - To me this did not have much of a different flavor from the original MD, but it was not bad. It tasted a little less intense than MD, almost flat. The color was close too but it was cloudy. I didn't like that. I have nothing to add to this one. #509 - The first thing I noticed was the smell. I smelled the berries right away, even before I poured it into the glass. As far as the taste, I did not like it. Fake berry, almost as though I could taste the chemical make-up of the drink (something I feel about many of the newer flavors) made this drink no good for me. I hope this one goes bye-bye after the world votes. I did like that the color was so different, but as I think about #231, that may be the exact opposite reason why it's the winner in my mind. The color is close to MD and it's not so far off from the original that it's just terrible. LimeLight, it's Dew with a twist of lime. I hope this wins. It'd be cool for me to think I helped create something great to drink. Stay tuned for more.

Imogen is a Heap of Amazing

Imogen Heap's new's album is great. I really love it. If you haven't been over to because you use a reader, you've missed out on this streaming player of her latest album. Check it out.

August 26, 2009

Dew Labs Taste Test Part #2

Here's the taste test. Part #3 will be posted soon with a written description of the experience. For now, enjoy the video. Music from Green Label Sound, Mountain Dew's artists. UPDATE: Upon closer review of the video, the bug in the second tasting was not from the can. The little guy was hanging out in the glass.

August 25, 2009

Puddy is The Top of the Line Computer

Stalker with an iPhone? There's An App For That.

This is because it's funny.

Oops, I Read The Wrong Chapter

So the vacation is not starting and I'm going to work today. Also, I realized I got myself all confused with were I was reading. Prior to yesterday's reading I had read chapter 10, but typed 11 on the blog for August 10th. This caused confusion yesterday, but I just picked on reading where I thought I'd left off. It was only today that I discovered the error.

And now I have to get ready for work. Chapter 11:11-24 is a little too important for me to just quickly run through, and I also want to finish chapter 10, so I'll have to resume later. There is one thing I will leave you with today, think of use Gentiles as grafted into the family of God. Jews rejected Him and we were added to the family in the place of those who rejected Him. But we were not the original chosen people. Act accordingly. Be grateful for God's calling.

Praise God for His Calling.

August 24, 2009

Dew Labs Taste Test Part #1

3 new flavors of Mountain Dew arrived today for me to choose which one I'm going to help design a name, look, and campaign around. The cans need to cool and then the taste test can begin. Stay tuned.

God's Grace to Jews, Not Earned

Today starts, what is probably going to be a month or so of vacation. "Baby bounding" is the official term. We are hoping Lisa has him really soon. I figure if I don't have to be at work, and there aren't 2 boys looking for some attention, I should probably get going on this blog again.

Chapter 11:5-10 seems mostly for the Jews. Although, if I read it thinking of my own failure to "obtain" salvation on my own power, it says a whole lot more to me. Paul wrote about the fact that he was a full Jew with all the rights and heritage needed to be considered a "Jew's Jew. But without grace, there would have been no salvation. He quotes old testament in verses 8-10 and it is scary to think about. "God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes that would not see, and ears that would not hear..."

Sin is so powerful in our lives. If we are not constantly focusing and refocusing ourselves on God, on Christ, and on the Spirit's prompting, we will not live lives that glorify God. Without this as the desire of our hearts, we need to reevaluate our place in God's plan of grace. We need to beg on our needs to that grace to be "lavished" on us. David cried out all throughout the Psalms for God's mercy and grace. Who are we to not realize our desperate need as well?

God saves us by grace. We can not earn this salvation we desperately need. We must ask God for that salvation. We must hope in Him for the salvation we can't earn. We must rely on his love and grace and mercy to save us. "Not by works of righteousness that we have done." I always come back to that verse. Don't think this is a license to sin, because it's not. And you are responsible for your sin, so don't sin (good luck with that). "By grace you have been saved through faith."

Praise God for His Grace.

August 23, 2009

Mountain Dew Hillbilly Roots

I still think it's lame. Mountain Dew became the "cool kids" drink, at least that's the image I get with things like the MD skate crowds and Green Label music. The Hillbilly of the past should stay there.

August 22, 2009

Jay Leno's New Show Will Probably Be Really Good

Check out this video ad for Jay Leno's new show.

When Mountain Dew Throwback Returns

Because I'm part of the Dew Labs, I get to find out information and even vote on things prior to their releases to the world. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share everything with the world (or my 2 readers) but I'll wait for a "no, no" letter from Mountain Dew. For now, I got to vote on 3 possible packaging options for the return of Mountain Dew Throwback. The 3 options include the original throwback design, the one I posted with the retro Pepsi bottle here, and this one: My vote was NOT for this one. It's too goofy with the Hillbilly on it. Is this MD for all my High School friends? Go Placer Hillmen! I voted for the one I posted about. We will see. Dear Mountain Dew, If you want me to pull this image down, and if I'm not allowed to post about the Lab, please just email me. Thanks. Jimmy the Gun

August 16, 2009

And Now, a Public Service Announcement About Texting While Driving

HOLY CRAP. This is over the top. Found on Gizmodo.

Here's a Van

This blurry photo is of the next GM van. Haha. No, it's a Matchbox car
my son plays with But this is a sweet looking van compared to what's

Cheesecake Factory Needs to Change the Way They Do Refills

The Cheesecake Factory needs to change the way they do refills. They take your cup away from the table, straw and all, fill it up, and bring it back to your table. Here's the problem I had: My server on the last visit was not really good at paying attention. Several times he brought us items (forks, knifes, napkins, food, REFILLS) that were for different tables. When he brought my friend a regular soda, instead of the diet one she had ordered, we realized she drank off the refill of the old man sitting at the table next to us. This is just gross. This is another reason to visit your local Chili's. They will bring you a fresh glass every time. Oh yeah, and Chili's will cost you about half the price. I'm sticking with Chili's. Now to just find a new wife who loves it as much as me.

Jimmy's New GM

So Pontiac was killed off by GM in the "reinvention." Speaking of reinvention, Sean Hannity lost so much credibility with me when he endorsed the new GM and talked about supporting them as an "American Company." I don't care about GM because they were not a well run American car company. They cost us $90 billion and still went bankrupt. Boo Sean. Now back to this post. Autoblog posted a story and pictures about a Chevy Camaro conversion kit that transforms the Camaro into a retro Pontiac Trans Am. I picked a really retro front end to post here, but there's a whole gallery here. Pontiac is now dead, but this is a car that should have come out. I think GM should have taken all the name plates and called the new company just GM. They could sell all the best selling vehicles with there original names but as a GM vehicle not a Chevy, GMC, Pontiac, Buick, or Saturn (or Saab, or Hummer). Here's my line-up, based on my favorite vehicles, not the best selling (this would be the designs I'd keep): GM Sierra GM Tahoe/Suburban GM Trailblazer (I would refresh this, it's really stale. The Saab 9-7x is the best looking on this platform.) GM Acadia GM Van (pick one, I don't car. Nobody makes a van look good. Someone should try. I say, the GMC that BA drove in the A-Team. That's my vote. The A-Team Van.) GM Corvette GM Camaro/TransAm GM G8 (Full-size, I think a rear wheel drive option that could be used for cops and taxis would be good. Here's a start.) GM G6 (Malibu) GM G4 (Cobalt) Just like the rest of the car world, a luxury brand would be okay. Cadillac is safe in my book, acting as the luxury brand of GM. Most of the line-up is good, except the big DTS being a front-wheel-drive boat. That's just stupid.

August 12, 2009

Jimmy the Gun is Moving

Jimmy the Gun is no longer at a "dot blogspot" address. It's now Sure, not much else has changed yet, but I am working towards making this site more unique to me and my passions. I am going to slowly reorganize and eventually redesign the site. And as soon as I get my iMac, I'll be using that to design a whole new look for the site. For now, both and the new address will work. Thanks, you 2, for reading.

August 11, 2009

Dew Labs

I was asked to join the Mountain Dew Labs, a group of fans who get to help choose on some new upcoming flavors from Mountain Dew. Now, I don't know if anyone and everyone can join this, as I received an email that made it seem as though I was part of a select group of fans. I will say this, I am pumped. They may send me some new flavors that are not yet released, and I will get to review and choose my favorite. Then the top three from the lab will be developed and sold to the public. Then the DEWmocracy2 voting will make one of them permanent. BUT, here is the most exciting thing I saw: In a video of one of the Mountain Dew team members, on her desk was a glass bottle of Mountain Dew. AH, where is this sold? It needs to be EVERYWHERE! I will update you as I have more info about Dew Labs. I'm excited and hope to help with the launch of the next flavor of Dew. I will DEW my best to make it taste good.

Crystal Pepsi May Return as Pepsi Clear

There is a Trademark filing for "Pepsi Clear" on the United States Patent and Trademark Office, according to Pepsi Clear (77553297) Filing Date: August 22, 2008 Published for Opposition: December 30, 2008 Date of Status: March 24, 2009 I guess this is something that was in Mexico in 2005. Now it might be a new product here in the USA. I hope so. I remember loving Crystal Pepsi, and I hope this is a similar product. I do hope that Pepsi makes it with real sugar and other natural, healthier ingredients. I love the concept of clear soda being made with less chemicals and more "real" ingredients. Sodas from Whole Foods, for example, are all natural and still taste good. Maybe one of the largest soda companies in the world can offer a healthier more natural soda. Either way, it's so fun for a fan of Pepsi like me to see some of the old products be "refreshed" in Pepsi's "Refresh Everything" campaign. Once again, I will mention glass bottles, hoping they will see one of my blogs about glass and think about putting more Pepsi products in their glass. Pepsi Natural is in a class of its own, and I think is a great start to an opportunity for Pepsi to stand out over that other big soda company.

August 10, 2009

Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback Will Be Back

Both Pepsi and Mountain Dew, via their respective Facebook pages (PepsiFB & MountainDewFB), have announced they are bringing back Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback for another 8 week campaign starting December 28th. Pepsi says, "Throwback is coming back!! On Dec 28th for 8 weeks. Same formula, but cooler vintage look!" And Mountain Dew says, "Mountain Dew THROWBACK is officially coming back thanks to all your feedback! It will hit stores on December 28 for eight weeks with sweet new packaging. Get ready!" I hope they go with something similar to the pictures I've posted before. But I really hope we have some glass bottles in our future. COME ON PEPSI!!!!!!!! I feel as though I am beating a dead horse about the glass bottles. Here's the design picture again.
From Jimmy the Gun

Righteousness Through Christ, Not the Law

This morning I read the entire chapter 10 of Romans. I'm going to write only about Romans 10:1-4 today, but this is a really great chapter for us as believers to understand what we have in salvation, and what we should be doing to witness to others. Paul says his "hearts desire and prayer to God for them (his brother's or Israel) is that they may be saved." Israel was all about their knowledge of the Word of God, but they didn't understand their need for a Savior. They rejected Christ and missed their need for His saving grace. Verse 4 "For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes."

I love the New King James version of Titus 3:5 because my wife and I originally learned it together in a Bible study. It goes like this:

NKJ "not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit"

or my current version, English Standard Version:

ESV "he saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit"

They both help us realize we can no earn salvation through good works we do. It is only the mercy of God through the gracious gift of His Son that we can have salvation from our sins.

Praise God for Righteousness through Christ and His Mercy.

August 7, 2009

Nestlé Dark Chocolate Raisinets

These are my newest favorite snack. And they're healthy, right? I mean, here's what they say about their snack: "Plump, sun-ripened raisins bathed in rich, velvety Nestlé dark chocolate. Dark Chocolate Raisinets have 30% less fat than the leading chocolate brands and provide ½ serving of real fruit in every cup. It's a decadent and better-for-you snack, with the combined benefits of nutrient-packed raisins and antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. 8g fat vs. 11.4 g fat (Average) IN 45 g of the leading chocolate brands." So I mean, it's good for me; therefore, I will eat more.

August 5, 2009

Righteousness Attained Through Faith, not The Law

It's hard not to look at the things we do and say as either earning or not earning us salvation. But as Romans 9:30-33 tells us that Gentiles attained righteousness by faith, and Israel did not succeed in reaching righteousness in their pursuit of the law. This means our righteousness, or salvation from sin, is based on faith not on works of righteousness according to the law. Israel lived in the same way I often think about my salvation. What can I do to get myself back on track in following the rules of being a Christian? That's not right. That's not where salvation will come from.

I have to realize that there are stumbling blocks in life that I will trip over; sins I will commit that will disqualify me from attaining righteousness on my own. Thank God for His Son Jesus. Only by faith in His payment for those sins can I be confident in my righteousness. In Him I am righteous in the eyes of God. Only through faith in Jesus can I attain righteousness. I am a wretched sinner, saved by Christ, saved by faith in the payment He made for my life. Praise God it's not up to my abilities to do good.

Praise God for Christ.

August 3, 2009

Jay Leno On Top Gear

If you don't already know it, Jay Leno is a huge car enthusiast, and he was recently on Top Gear. Sorry for the dirty talk.

Bank Teller Fired After Stopping A Robber (American Pansies?)

The AP Story is here. Answer my opinion poll questions are at the bottom by commenting. My official opinion is, "Don't endanger others over federally insured money." But, come on. Termination? America is full of pansies, a.k.a. people who allow the bullies and bad guys to win. I do think this teller's actions were foolish and dangerous, as I've fought many "thin" inmates at the jail with what we called "the crazy man strength", but it's a refreshing thing to hear about the good guys winning one. Law enforcement doesn't often catch the bank robbers, and if they do, it doesn't get reported with all the attention this teller has brought. Again, I'm not necessarily condoning the actions of the teller; I just wish we got to hear about the "victories for the good guys" more often. And, although the story is getting so much attention because the bad guy was caught and the good guy was fired, I bet we would never have heard about the story if the bad guy got away and the bank still fired the teller (and they would have). I wish there were more "heroes" and "victories" and "good stories" in the news. For example, even though I don't believe the story, I felt a little better today when I heard a report about the economy turning around. Positive stories are not often told. And sure, this story ends with the teller getting fired, but we all can think about HOW COOL it is the bad guy was caught by the lowly bank employee. Okay, the teller was treated the same way probably most, if not all banks, would have handled his actions. The teller did endanger other employees, any other customers in the branch, the "passer-by" who helped stop the suspect, and himself. This was not smart. The outcome ended up being okay, but ultimately stopping someone from taking insured money (and money that was not even his) and risking the safety of others was not worth it. Good job dude. You are a hero and an idiot all at the same time. I wish it was okay, but we don't always know what a crazy inmate type tweek is capable of doing. The crazy man strength is real, and it's dangerous. There was an inmate in for murdering a lady at a gas station. He was probably only 130 lbs and 5' tall at the most. He squared off to fight one of the self-defense instructors at the jail. He was struck in the face by the officer, knocking him on his rear, and he was still able to fight 5 officers before he was finally controlled in handcuffs. The crazy man strength is scary. But, hey teller guy, I'm sorry you lost your job. ***OPINION POLL*** WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should he be fired? Did he do the right thing?

Who Are We to Argue with God?

Romans 9:19-29 talks about God being our maker, and just like a "vessel" made of clay can't argue with its maker about its purpose or use, we can't argue with God about why some are saved and some are not. I do think about this often, and it's one of those predestination arguments people make. "It's not fair," or "it's not a choice," are some of the things people say when talking about God choosing whom He will. But just as the clay can't argue, God's creation can't argue either. We are responsible for our own sin, and we are responsible for responding to God and the truth of His existence. And as believers we are responsible for shining the light of His truth in this dark world. The rest is up to God. He saves. He reveals. He draws people to Himself. We are commanded to go out and tell the world. We are commanded to share the gospel. There is no room to argue with God. His grace and mercy will be revealed through salvation. And is equally important wrath will be satisfied by Hell and when those who reject Him are thrown into the lake of fire.

I just realized I keep saying, "those who reject Him," when I should be saying "those whom He designed for death." Yikes!

Praise God for His Choosing.