June 8, 2015

Going Through the Big "C", and I Don't Mean California

So right into it, like ripping a band-aid off: Mom has cancer. Or, I guess I can say, "had cancer". The doctors ripped out all her guts on May 4, 2015 and say they got it all. But now it's time for chemo, which means she's far from out of the woods. Chemo has its own set of "issues", but is said to be necessary to make sure to prevent the cancer from returning; there's a 20% chance of return with this kind of cancer (Scientific name: Gonadal-Stromal Tumor, Favor Granulosa Cell Tumor).  Besides the widely known hair loss issue, there's a real risk of kidney damage, as the crazy chemical pumped into her veins wreak havoc on her entire body and its systems.

This is Mom, six days after her full hysterectomy.

I've shaved my head, of course, as a sign of support for my soon to be bald mother, but really the way to support her is prayer. She is a faith filled woman, who has never doubted God's provision and grace, at least from the perspective of her children. She has always been great at pointing everything (good or bad) back to God and His grace. Whether it was an issue we faced as I grew up or something we saw someone else dealing with, my mom has never seemed to live outside of the understanding that God's hand is in everything. As my aunt says of her sister, "Gail lives in Gail Land."  I think Gail Land is a place where comfort comes from knowing God and believing He is truly in control.

Here I am with my shaved head.

Originally, when I found out about my Mom's tumor, I wrote the following in my Bible Journal:

Matt 9:1-8
Jesus Heals a Paralytic

Right now, with my mom's potential cancer tumor, this is more important for me to understand and believe.

Verse 8 sums up where the power of healing comes from, which ends "(God) had given such authority to man."  Jesus was the man. Jesus, the son of God, who was God in man form, was given the power to heal by God.  And really, the purpose for the healing is so "they glorified God."  It's always about God's glory. So how does that happen with my mom's cancer tumor?

Faith. Verse 2 "Jesus saw their faith".  Faith in this situation led to Jesus initially telling the man his sins were forgiven. But then when challenged, He also healed the man of his physical issue. And when we realize sin is so much worse than a physical ailment, we can begin to truly understand the power here. It's really about saving us from us. And our part is simply faith in God.

Ultimately, it's about God being glorified and whatever does happen in this potential cancer situation, it's about God's glory. Faith can bring about healing power. I've prayed more. I've thought about God's power more. I've thought about Heaven and the better place it is. There is an awkward peace in knowing that God is in control. I say awkward because I don't want Him to choose a way that is not my way. I want Him to heal my mom completely before even going to the doctor, but truly there is peace in knowing the opposite result would ultimately afford my mom eternity with God.

So, I share this because God deserves all the glory in this.  Mom's hope, trust, peace, joy, faith, ALL things "Gail Land", must be understood as glory to God.  Her faith is so great and no matter the outcome (and it looks long and tough, but good), she will glorify God.

Please pray that He strengthens her through this and she suffers little.  Pray she remains positive and hopeful and in God's comfort.  Pray my dad also remains strong, and provides her and is provided from God, rest and comfort and peace.