June 29, 2010

GMC Granite Concept

 For some reason, I find myself liking this.
Gmc Granite Concept -- Autoblog

June 27, 2010

A Pet I Could Keep

I really don't like pets.  Animals are dirt, smelly, hairy, and generally too much work.  BUT, this AT-AT could work.

Out of Control Drivers, Tonight on TLC

Tonight on TLC, is a show called Out of Control Drivers.  From the looks of it, it's a show with clips of... well...out of control drivers.

June 26, 2010

Apple Does It AGAIN!!!! I Could Cuss. iPhone 4 Signal Issues.

Picture taken from CrunchGear

First of all, if you are an Apple Fanboy, don't bother commenting on this blog post unless it is to agree with me about the iPhone 4's faulty design.

Now, how does a wealthy company, whose arrogance about doing things the right way by picking and choosing the best direction for the future (i.e. HTML5), design a phone with an antenna issue like the one of the iPhone 4? If you haven't already heard via the national news sources, the web, or someone you know who has purchased the iPhone 4, there is an issue with the antenna. If you hold the phone in your left hand and cover the lower left corner of the phone, you will lose signal strength, enough to drop calls or stop a download.

Engadget's Story here.
The Unofficial Apple Weblog's (TUAW) Story here.

And then, when Apple realize the issue with it (I'm sure during the R&D phase), they designed a bumper case, pretended during the announcement of the phone the external antenna design is revolutionary , and then Steve Jobs said, "Just don't hold it that way."  The problem I have is that they obviously knew this was a defect in design before it ever came to market. The bumper case was out and leaked before the reveal, which is obviously an immediate fix for the antenna issue. Also, it's not like they were not testing the phone out in the wild (remember the Gizmodo story). This is the job of R&D. And Steve's horrible response via email is the best they were prepared with?

Don't hold the phone the way you've always held a phone? This reminds me of the kind of crap Apple produced just before they almost went completely under, flawed products they refused to think were the result of their poor work.  I'm no lawyer, but I see a class action suit hitting. And, although they can afford it and will probably end up issuing the bumper case as the fix to every purchaser, they could have avoided ALL of this bad press, the need to ship everybody cases, and a flawed design by fixing this in development.

This is causing me to do further research into other phones. I've been reading posts about the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint. I've been watching all the evolutions of the Droid phone, knowing George Lucas wouldn't mind some more of my money (he has the rights to the name "Droid"). I've been thinking of dumbing down my information overload, maybe with an old flip phone. What's Nextel doing these days?  LOL.

I did love my iPhone for a while.  But even now, with the iOS 4 update slowing my phone to a crawl, I don't know anymore.  Apple forgets about their customers after their purchases are made.  And now they hide a known issue until 1.5 million people give their hard earned money to the company.  It's crazy.

June 22, 2010

Madman Jim The Movie...Rant

(First, I wanted to get all of this out and post it, but I did not proof it, spell check it, or review its content for inappropriate information or language. Read at your own risk, as you should always read Jimmy the Gun. And now, another exciting rant from James Guhn.

Madman Jim is a character that is part of the evolution of Jimmy the Gun. Some day I'll have the technology to create a video of some of the highlights of Jim and where the name came from. For now, I wanted to tell you all about a movie idea I had, based on the Madman Jim character. To better explain, I'll do a quick recap of how I became Jimmy the Gun.

First, back in 1989-90, some friends and I made a music video to a song that currently escapes me. We had no editing equipment. We had a home Video 8 camera, which we used to record ourselves running around, we had a VHS recording VCR, and we used a CD playing stereo to connect to the VCR for music overlay on the audio tracks of the video. We would film an entire 4 or 5 minute video and set it to music, thus making it a "music video". At one point in one of our videos, my friend Ryan yelled out, "Get'em Jim," to my character, and I chased down a thief. We all thought the line was so funny, we had to leave it in the video. This required unplugging the stereo, plugging in the audio line from the camera for the one line, and then reconnecting the stereo for the remaining music. "Jim" was born.

Over the course of 20 years, "Get'em Jim" turned into nickname/username/email aliases for me. Variations of "Jim", from "Jimbo" to "Jimbob" and finally "Jimmy the Gun" (formally known as "James Guhn") led me to this blog. Home videos technology progressed to the point where editing equipment and software were eventually used and the "Madman Jim" series started. There have been two different Madman Jim videos, both of which I actually enjoy being the star. The character is loosely based of the Michael Douglas character from the movie Falling Down. This was one of my favorite twisted movies in high school. I loved the almost justified anger of the character. I loved the fact that he didn't take anyone's crap and didn't back down; instead he dealt with the issues.

All of this history leads me to my movie idea. I want to write a movie based on my Madman Jim character. I want to take the frustration of every day life to a level where Jim snaps and begins to deal with these frustrations. My idea is to follow him from the time just before the actual snap, where we see that Jim is like the rest of us as he deals with increasingly more and more frustrations. Traffic, bad drivers, car problems, fake sincerity, laws, the government, technology...all these things are shown for their annoying traits and Jim finally snaps. He begins by telling people what he really thinks. It progresses to actions against the frustrations, ultimately turning into an all out crazy rampage that leads him to deal with the things that cause the frustrations in the manner in which they irritate Jim.

The movie would be similar to road rage on steroids. The jerk who cuts Jim off in traffic or drives slow in the fast lane without moving right is dealt with in a violent, clear way. The car that keeps breaking down is driven off a cliff to explode on top of the heads of the people who wrote the helmet law (how is that law necessary? Let the idiots kill themselves). The horrible waiter who can't seem to do anything right get's upset with Jim for filing a formal complaint with the manager. Jim teaches the waiter about getting the order right by cramming a whole onion down the throat of the waiter. The seat belt law is another waste of tax payers money. Lesson taught. The people trying to say juice shouldn't be allowed in daycare because it makes the kids fat, are forced to drink and ultimately drown in a pool of apple juice, while wearing a fat suit. The people suing McDonald's over the Happy Meal toys causing their kids to get fat, are taking out to a field and thrown into a pit of toys being crushed my a monster truck.....I don't know. Deal with them Jim!

The point of the movie is to address all the stupidity of our lives. The point of the movie is to cause people to be aware of the fact that our nation is not a free nation. We are all sheep being led by horrible leaders that make money from lobbyists, or who decide that laws need to be written so we don't have to think for ourselves. If your kids are fat cows, stop feeding them McDonald's. GO FOR A WALK! Eat an apple. Eat an apple and go for a walk and be slapped for being a pig. Parents parent. Government shrink. People think. Be real. Be honest. Work hard. Do your job. Care about what you do, who you are being, and where you are going. Get out of the way. Don't be annoying. Stop the greed.

"Madman Jim"'s mission is for a better place to live, a better way of life, and knowing how to be a better member of society.

Now, if you've made it this far through the rant, you must be bored. But, here is a message about reality. Because we are all selfish creatures, out to better our position at any cost, this "better place to live" crap I just mentioned will never happen. Socialism will eventually take over our republic, as we are represented by thieves, crooks, shysters, and evil doers. Our "representative" government actually represents the level of greed and self promotion we all have in us. So in that regard, they are doing a great job. As far as doing the will of the people, meaning the greater group of us as a whole, they are not doing so hot. Instead, the desires of the few are satisfied with back room deals, BS spending and taxing added to every law that's passed, and evil, evil men leading our country down a dark path of destruction. This is where the hope in God comes into play. Without a glimpse of hope in God, must realize the dire place we are headed toward.

"Madman Jim" is here to point us to the breaking point; to help us realize where our country is head, and where our sin and self glorification is going to lead us in the end. Madman Jim is ready to destroy the insanity that is our daily lives. He's here to rid us of the frustrations and return us to a level of calmness we can only hope for any more. He is here to send a message to the people in charge that the people are to be represented, not the special interests, the squeaky wheels, and he losers living off the laws of the land. Jim is here to beat down the worst, and build up the best.

June 21, 2010

Summer of Soda...so Far

It looks like it's going to be another summer of soft drinks for me. Pepsi announced their "Summer of Cherry" starting with the redesign of the Wild Cherry Pepsi bottle.

Pepsi also introduced Cherry Vanilla Pepsi.

Mountain Dew had DEWmocracy 2 with 3 new flavors. If you missed it, I was part of the Mtn_Dew Labs, helping to design one of the flavors (the biggest loser).

White Out (winner), Typhoon (grossest), and Distortion (loser)

Trader Joe's introduced their own brand of cola and root beer.

And finally (for now), Costco brought in Pepsi, ridding the world of one more place Coca-Cola has their strangle hold on soda (now we just need McDonald's to switch so Pepsi can be the largest).

I'm loving the Summer of Soda.

June 19, 2010

DEWmocracy 2 Winner

I really didn't keep up with the DEWmocracy info, after seeing the name, label design, and overall poor job my team did with the lime flavored Dew. Distortion was not as good a name as Lime Light or Sublime that I wanted. And the label design was too dark and boring to draw people to it. Also, the colors were way to similar to Original Mountain Dew, making it hard to recognize which one was Distortion. Anyway, the winner is:
Click image to enlarge
White Out actually became my favorite. It reminds me of Squirt. When I did my taste test, in seemed like a watered down version of Mountain Dew. But, when it came out in stores, it really had a good flavor that, coupled with the benefits of caffeine Mountain Dew is known for, made this a great choice of beverage. While the lime flavored Distortion was my original choice, Techy Ted and I agreed that White Out was the best. And I'm glad that it is the winner. I voted for it (sorry team).

Amazing Drummer with Style

Techy Ted told me about this via Twitter, but I found this short version of this drummer and thought I'd post it.

Stereotypes...China Traffic Cam Video

Can't drive! Just don't try to tow their cars.

June 17, 2010

Ford Is On Top in Quality...Time to Buy American

Click image to enlarge
Well, if you don't like Ford, it's time to realize they are a new, better company. According to J. D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study (IQS), Ford is the top "non-luxury" car on the list, above Honda. And let's remember, Ford did not steal BILLIONS of dollars from us. Ford is not part of the Obama fan club, government owned, run, and destroyed. Ford is doing things to be the greatest American Automotive Company, by building with quality, great designs, and beautiful vehicles. Highest Ranked honors earned by Ford include Compact Car: Ford Focus Midsize Sporty Car: Ford Mustang Large Car: Ford Taurus Other Mentions Ford Fusion Ford Edge Ford F-150 LD Ford Ranger Ford Explorer Sport Trac And, Ford Motor Company had other brands they own earn some honors: Highest Ranked Compact Sporty Car: Mazda MX-5 Miata Compact Premium Sporty Car: Volvo C70 Others: Volvo S80 Volvo XC60 Volvo XC70 Great job Ford. I can't wait for the new 2011 Explorer, to be announced soon.

June 13, 2010

Facebook is Losing Another User (Update)

UPDATE: I found out that Facebook asked me to "Register" my computer because I had asked to be alerted when new devices are used to log into my Facebook account. Oops! I guess I'll stay a little while longer. Well, Facebook is going to be losing me as a user. Today I attempted to log into FB and this message popped up:
Click Image to Enlarge
And there is no way around it. This is absolutely retarded. I don't want to register my computer with Facebook. I'm out people. I'm following Techy Ted and moving strictly to Twitter. Another thing that bugs me is the fact that it tries to add other people to follow or "friend" based on your interests or job history. I want to shoot myself for ever putting anything about work up there, because not I can't even remove it. In job history it doesn't show that I've put in anything, but it sure wants to add my previous employers' profile to the list of people I "like". So, see you later jerks. Here's the link if you want to join me in ending your account too. Thanks Techy Ted.

June 10, 2010


Thanks to a tweet by @joelmchale, I saw this video for the new Mortal Kombat Movie...or at least I think it's a new movie. IMDb knows nothing. The Internet seems confused. I did see Jeri Ryan in this video so, "7 of 9" makes it seem legit. This is a Rated R preview, for "Really Creepy". Viewer's discretion is advised.

June 5, 2010

Apple Annoys Again with HTML5 Demo Site

click the image to enlarge
Apple does it again. They decide to annoy me by making their demo site for HTML5 not work on Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. This, after Apple says HTML5 is a web standard, and they go on to say, "Standards aren’t add-ons to the web. They are the web. And you can start using them today." But, when I clicked on the demo an error message came up, saying I had to use their specific browser, Safari.
click the image to enlarge
This is exactly the opposite of Flash. Flash works everywhere BUT on Apple's device. I'M THINKING ANDROID!

Snoop Dogg and David Beckham do Star Wars

Snoop Dogg and David Beckham do Star Wars.

Hawaii Five-O Coming This Fall to CBS

Hawaii Five-O is coming to CBS, and it looks promising. Originally, I thought this was a movie trailer, which makes me think they might do a decent job with the special effects and filming quality.