March 18, 2005

Birthdays Are Really a Thing of the Past

So, yesterday was my birthday; I turned 29. But it was really just another day. The only thing that really comes to mind anymore is, "what am I doing with my life?" I know I keep promising this great big review of the Shepherds' Conference (and I'm close to the first review) but my life is so busy that it is flying by at Warp/Light speed. (I had to put both "warp" and "light" for the Star Trek and Star Wars fans that are my friends) I don't have time anymore to "stop and smell the roses." And, although I never stopped to smell roses before I became the "owner's representative" of a construction company, I wish I had that amount of free time, and energy, and even mental capacity, to stop and smell and enjoy the beauty of a rose. But I digress. On my birthday, good o' St. Patrick's Day, I have a chance to reflect on the events of the previous year. Yesterday I realized that, after work I am more interested in sleep than having a party. Thankfully my parents and some friends planned a small party with pizza and angel food cake with strawberry frosting, otherwise I'd have gone home, relaxed and "hit the hay" early. I would have missed out on the joys of family and friends. Speaking of friends...The only other thing that comes to mind is the 19th of March. "Why?" you may ask. Well your first guess is wrong. It's not because it's the anniversary of the beginning to the war on terror. It's because it's Dan Ray's Birthday. We are 2 days apart. I'm older, of course, but there is not too much else that's different. We are both strong headed, obsessive compulsive people. Now, people who know Dan and me might say, "Jeremy is obsessive with germs and cleanliness. But Dan, he's not obsessive like that." Well, let me tell you, Dan is obsessive with other areas of his life. He's obsessive with his desire for more knowledge and education. He is obsessive in his search of God's Word and with his desire to know God more and serve him better. To wrap this up so I can go home, I hope that my obsession in life becomes more like Dan's and less like it currently is. Happy Birthday Daniel Kylin Ray!

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  1. Feel a little left out. I didn't here about any party..................... ........................... Those are my tear drops.......