December 5, 2006

Is Your Emergency Contact "The White House?"

While working in the jail as a floor officer with the freedom to help all over the jail, I was in booking and helping with a fresh intake. The arrestee, we'll call "Grandpa Sailorman" (because he looked likePopeye's dad), was asked for the name of his emergency contact. He gave the name George Bush. The four officers and I had a good laugh at that and then I asked him if he had George's number at the White House. Grandpa Sailorman rattled off some (202)-###-1414 number (something like that, that's all Iremember). I joked with the other officers and said, "It would be funny if that was the number." I told another officer she should call it and see if George answers. Officer"W" made the call. There was an answer. "WHITE HOUSE." a felame voice said. Officer "W" hung up the phone and we all laughed in shock that the number really was to the White House. I told Grandpa Sailorman he was free to go. No, he wasn't. But it was the craziest thing yet for me. This job is AWESOME!

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