June 6, 2007

Cyclops Boy

Okay, take a minute before you criticize this video, I just did it for a laugh...and Jeremy wrote this song in 1994, back before PC was in. I may redo this without the mistakes if I get good feed back. BTW, this is not public on YouTube. I posted it under private, so I'm not sure how it will work as far as other people searching for it and watching it.


  1. Ok, I'm commenting before I even hit the PLAY button because I totally remember this song! I can just see Jeremy sitting on the edge of the Bellamy hot tub, singing it for our great entertainment. Great entertainment... Now, I'm going to go take a listen!

  2. Freakin' Awesome b/c like Annie I can TOTALLY remember Jeremias singing that song... oh...the days. Thanks for making it public so we could all enjoy cyclops boy and mermaid girl again! I don't remember the 'Habib' portion in the original composition...hmm

  3. Yeah, so, after my first comment I learned that the play button didn't actually work. Thanks for fixing that. It's my favorite video of all time. I'm totally serious. You rock.