November 27, 2007

Get Your Own

Some of you may have noticed the new logo heading my blog. Well, it was designed by a co-worker of mine. Ryan Oliver created this from images I sent him and others he found that fit the theme of my blog. So if you want one, email him using the link to his email above and provide his with the following information.

1. Size of the picture desired (i.e.. 600 x 600)
2. A background image (If you don’t have one, he has a bunch)
3. All related images you want
4. Type of text you want on the image. (name of the font, if possible)
5. An overall theme for the picture (What would you like done to a photo or if you have a specific way you’d want something arrange)
6. Any quotes you would like added on.
*Note. The larger the image and better the quality the easier it is to edit.

Here are some samples:

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