April 10, 2011

The Great Merger of Blogs

Hi, I'm Jeremy Burch. I've been inconsistently writing a personal blog over at http://jeremydburch.blogspot.com/. Now I'm going to be merging my site with http://www.jimmythegun.com/. This experiment may totally fail, as my commitment to my own posting frequency has been lacking, but I'm hoping by adding my thoughts to this site, I'll be able to reach people that don't know about spiritual things or, like me, don't live as though they do. This is my first post on the Jimmy the Gun site, and it's exciting to be invited to add to this blog. Really, the goal is to get more consistent at posting my personal Bible reading/devotion blog entries here instead of at my previous blog. I'm hoping I may catch more readers here, for discussions, inputs, and insights. I don't want to pretend I have all that much to say, especially to what the main focus of Jimmy the Gun has been to this point, but my hope is to bring something worth reading to the site that may inpact us all on an eternal level. People who know me, may be surprised by this part of my life, and that's the scary and sad part of who I am or have become. James Guhn writes a lot of things about his personal passions, past times, and hobbies. I've been added to this blog to bring something that has eternal meaning and value. By adding a subtle mix of spiritual entries to the site, the hope is that those people drawn to Jimmy the Gun for the reviews of technology, automotive, entertainment, music, law enforcement, videos, and the occasional beverage review, will read something that could potentially open their eyes to God's glory. Now, I don't want anyone to ever think I've reached a spiritual level of greatness that affords me the luxury of being judgmental of someone's life or lifestyle. I'm not here to do that. Instead, I want to take what I read in the Bible or hear others teach from the Word of God and share the power of God's love with others. I also want to share my own struggles, as a means of encouraging those that may face similar struggles to continue to strive to please God. So, Jimmy the Gun's and Jeremy D. Burch's blogs have merged. This has been something in the works for a while. It allows for two completely different worlds to join forces and hopefully show that an interest in the randomness of Jimmy the Gun can be blended with the vast importance of knowing God as the Savior from sin and our responsibility to work every day to make Him Lord of our lives. I've blended the two blogs together, but all the old "Jeremy D Burch" entries can be searched here.

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