May 20, 2011

Speech to Text for iOS 5

I hope Apple introduces something like this soon.  My short experience with Android showed me the usefulness of speech-to-text while driving.  I was able to send texts without having to type.  If Apple can bring this to the iPhone, it would make the product that much better.  The part I'm not sure is there for Apple is the speech recognition algorithms.  I believe Google has superior algorithms because of things like Google Voice and the old Goog-411 service, which they used to increase their systems accuracy.  Again, this is another reason Google and Apple should have stayed friends.

Oh yes, I'm up at 4:15am.  I've actually been up since 2:00am, when one of my kids woke up crying.  He went right back to sleep with a little hug from me, but here I sit still unable to go back to sleep.

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