July 24, 2011

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So, if you follow my Twitter feed, you are aware I'm on vacation.  Usually I'd use this time to sit and read or write blog entries, but this year I've vowed to enjoy the beach, get a tan, and be a little more involved with my family.  Today is Sunday and most of the family is going to church.  We are debating not going because putting our kids in an unknown church's kid care program is a little uncomfortable for us.  We are a little over-protective, but it's a sign of the times.  It's actually been a topic of discussion this week.

Anyway, I'm in a slump with the blog too.  I love having it, updating it, and sharing my findings, but Twitter is just so much easier for me to use quickly.  Blogger needs to introduce an iOS app that allows for posting, with simple video embedding, picture uploading, and text inputting for preparing a post.  So far, only Wordpress has grasped the usefulness of an iOS app.  Maybe I should move to Wordpress.

Okay, so this post has nothing of value, except for me to say some words.  Follow my Twitter feed at @jimmythegun.

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