December 14, 2011

My Bright Idea #11 - iVoIP, The Apple Home Phone

My Bright Idea #11 - November 21, 2011
Apple needs to create a VoIP calling feature for Wireless network calling.  I call it "iVoIP".  It would be the Apple Home Phone and work with the iPhone, once it's on your home WiFi network.  Since so many people don't even have home phones anymore, it would be an awesome way to have your cell phone work on your home wireless network, saving valuable cell minutes, and in my case, provide a better signal and higher call quality.  It would also be cool if aftermarket companies designed home phone style docking stations that charged your cell phone, and allowed for a more conventional handset to be used throughout the house.  Retro styles, multiple handsets throughout the house, charging, music playing, etc. would all be cool aftermarket devices.

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