January 23, 2012

The Types of Man

Yesterday, our pastor used an interesting description of 4 types of man. I modified it a little and added a fifth. He admitted, as do I, this is not completely theologically sound, but I found it interesting enough to post.

If you are interested in his explanation, head over to bridgewaychristian.org and look for the audio for Part 2 of his Hebrews series. Heck, listen to the first one too.

Types of Man
1. Original man - created by the hand of God, sinless Adam, Eve, and Jesus

2. Fallen man - all mankind after Adam and Eve sinned, apart from God

3. Redeemed man - saved from sin by Jesus, believer by faith

4. Condemned man - fallen man at death, sent to pay his own price for sin

5. Glorified man - redeemed man at death, covered by the blood of Jesus, who is the only original man to live to death in His original sinless perfection as both God and man, able to pay the price for all, bringing many sons to glory

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  1. What about Marlboro Man? Pretty sure that's a type of man too...