March 8, 2012

BMW 1 Series M Driven With Skill On The US Bank Tower In Los Angeles

According to Wikipedia, The U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, CA, named after "The Most Admired Bank" (see this for more info) is "the tallest building in California, the tenth-tallest in the United States, the tallest west of the Mississippi River, and as of November 2010, the 47th tallest building in the world".  Now, with all that awesome information about that awesome building and the bank that it's currently named after, would you do this?

Well, this is the BMW 1 Series M.  It is being driven by someone with more skill and more insanity than me.  Here is a little more of this driver's and the car's abilities.

Yes, I know I posted these in reverse order from their "parts", but I find the first one more crazy and; therefore, more cool.  Also, the first one lets me talk about U.S. Bank.

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