December 26, 2012

More Than Amazing, More Than Words, A Joy Of This Man's Desiring

If you haven't seen videos from or heard of The Piano Guys, you may not be a true "lover of music".  These guys are super talented.  I first discovered them from their cheesy and hilarious master piece of Star Wars music mashed into one amazing piece of music (see here).

Today I discovered this Mash-up of "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring", by Bach and "More Than Words" by Extreme.  Seems like an odd paring, but this is really good.  And the guy they have singing it has an amazing voice.

The cool thing about "More Than Words" is remembering the first time I heard this song and how much I liked it. I was in high school, and I can remember being in a photography class that I never actually had to attend because we were all out "taking pictures". The teacher's name was "Kim" so you know she was cool, you know, because you didn't have to call her by her title and last name (which I can't even remember anyway).

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