February 26, 2014

My Bright Idea #16 - Bluetooth Wearables and the Assistant (Updated)

My Bright Idea #16 - November 20, 2013
Apple should come out with a Bluetooth device that connects to Siri and works with notification center.  The wearable devices, like a watch, would be perfect.  The addition of Siri as part of the device would make the device a step above Samsung's Galaxy Gear.  Star Trek's communicator or Michael Knights' watch used to call KITT were devices where information could be accessed from their computers' resources.  In the same way, as Siri get's smarter, a wearable device like the iWatch or a magnetic lapel pen could work as a Bluetooth device that allowed for voice commands and notifications.

Admittedly, this bright idea is sort of happening with some of the wearable devices that are out.  Pebble and other watch devices do some of the notifications visibly.  My idea is to take it to the next level with the assistant features of Siri (or for Android, Google Now).

Samsung is really starting to make nice looking wearables. Apple needs to get on it. 

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