September 29, 2016

20 Things Currently Annoying Me

20 things that are currently annoying me:

01.  My iCloud being full (Apple should offer more free space, like 16GB)
02.  Trying to decide Android or iPhone (AGAIN!)
03.  Heartburn
04.  Computer virus (Windows machine)
05.  New computer decisions, Mac or Windows? (pricey or virusy)
06.  People who don't like Law Enforcement
07.  People who keep racism alive (media)
08.  Low pay to love my job vs. good pay to not love my job
09.  Law Enforcement Officers being poorly paid
10.  Trump being the best option
11.  Getting old
12.  Still young, but not really feeling it (everything hurts all the time)
13.  Mid-life crisis without the $$ for my sports car (or truck, if I'm more practical)
14.  Time for blogging, but not the motivation
15.  Time to write music, but not inspired to write good words
16.  Missing workouts because I'm lazy
17.  Loving Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO shows that make me lazy
18.  Loving food, but not wanting to be fat
19.  Being hot (temperature, not looks)
20.  Not being able to think of a clever 20th item for the list, to end it right

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