September 24, 2005

Scram Spam

Would you ever read a SPAM email and say to yourself, “Hey, I could use that product?”  Well, if you answered “yes” to that, I don’t really want or need your friendship.  The reason I bring this up is: The SPAMMERS attacked my Blog!  And although I have deleted all the unwanted, unsolicited comments added to past posts, it is so frustrating to me that there is so much SPAM out there.

Unfortunately, it must work with all the different SPAM emails and ADs that are out there.  Otherwise it wouldn’t be so prevalent in this electronic society we live in.  I hope, however, that I don’t know people, or call someone my friend, who follows the SPAM to a product or site and begins a relationship with the SPAMMER that makes his/her work as such a success.  

That’s all, for now.  It’s Saturday.  There are chores to do.

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