August 7, 2007

Apple Inc. Wants $6,000.00 From Me

The first thing I’d do if I had extra money just sitting around would be to give Apple Inc. $6,000.00. Here’s why:

First, I’d buy the amazing iPhone.

Of course, I’d buy the 8GB model because that’s the top model out. I would want all the room possible for my music. iPhone costs $599.00.

The second item I’d have delivered under my 6k donation to Apple Inc. would be the MacBook Pro.

I’d go with the 15” version. And for purposes of this dream world, I’d get the upgrade to 2GB of ram and the faster, bigger hard drive (the rules include purchasing reasonable upgrades, as though I were buying it with my own money, not lottery winnings). MacBook Pro costs $2,848.00.

The third item that would arrive at my home would be the AirPort Extreme. This is the greatest router I’ve seen. It includes a USB slot for an external hard drive or printer, allowing network accessibility to the device. AirPort Extreme cost $179.00.

My forth Apple Inc. product would be the new iMac.

I’d go with the 20” screen upgraded with the 500GB HD and 2GB of ram. Again, there are better, larger screens but within my dream world, these are the items that are realistic purchases for me. iMac costs $1,918.00.

The fifth item, and final on this list, would be the 160GB Apple TV.

This would accompany the purchase of a new HD TV from Sony, allowing me to watch videos, see pictures, and listen to music from iTunes on all my Apple computers. Apple TV costs $399.00.

These are just some of the really great products that Steve Jobs and the gang are bringing to the world of computers. And the included pictures show you how beautifully Apple, Inc. is packaging their products. They are truly a unique company and they seem to be light years ahead of anyone else.


  1. That would be a sweet to buy all of that Mac goodness. The new iMac is truly amazing.