October 14, 2007

Apple’s Demise is Near

Okay all you Apple FanBoys, here is the proof that Apple is not as great as you thought.

This picture is from their home page. They are “bursting with pride” for Al Gore? What kind of stupid move is this on the part of Apple? Do they really want to scare the smart people of the world away from their products? Because if you believe Al Gore has really made “historic...global contributions,” you ain't too bright!



  1. I agree. Bad move.

  2. I hope you realize that Apple is to say the least a very liberal company. Steve Jobs personally wants Al Gore for President. I don't think something like this is going to make the company go under any time soon, and the best part about this country is that we all can have a different opinion. Don't get me wrong, when I think of Al Gore I think of Man Bear Pig(South Park), but posting this on your site is not the demise of any company. The man won a Noble Peace Prize, that is a big award oh and he is liberal and I can guarantee posting this made more people glad than angry. Here is a question for you, do you still want a MacBook Pro? Do you. See what I mean it doesn't mean anything. Personally I never saw it other than on Macrumors.

  3. Like a true fanboy Ted, you missed the point.

    The Noble Peace Prize is not even for a legitimate accomplishment. Global Warming?

    Also, I don't actually think Apple will go under by promoting Gore but I think twice because of it. Others might realize they can work with MS to avoid Apple.

    But I guess since Al invented the Internet we should give him a spot on his creation. How about the liberal Apple’s website? Perfect.