April 22, 2008

Game It Up 4!!!

The evolution of gaming is coming. Google's new cell phone platform, combine with real world multiplayer first person shooter, is going to be the next platform of social networking combine with gaming and statistics tracking. The 3104 Clan will have to join. Maybe the software writers will be able to modify it to work with the 3G iPhone (if the iPhone2 has a GPS chip). This truly is an awesome idea. I'm in. I will join this type of game. They can design it in such a way that you could play it any time, any where. Everyone likes the social networking. This type of gaming could take it to the next level. Say you are in a city on vacation, and your program alerts you to an enemy approaching. You get the kill. But then you get to meet a fellow nerd, someone into the same game as you are. Say you're in Napa, CA on a tour of the wine country. You are alerted to a teammate in the area. You meet up and share information about your favorite wines. Maybe that teammate is quite a bit wealthier than you are and dinner is on that person. Nice! Cole's Chop House is good.

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