April 15, 2008

Something Everyone Has To Know

I recognize most of my posts have to do with things I find on other sites, or they are videos I find interesting; and I don’t have a lot of original content that I can truly call my own. Aside from the random rants I go on after discovering information from someone else’s blog on a topic that interests me, I don’t have much in the way of my own works of literary genius.

Unfortunately, I’m not that great a writer. I can write a report for work or expose my opinion on a given topic, but after you weed through the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and formatting mishaps, I’m not all that interesting a blogger. Now and then, I may write something that causes my readers to perk up and take note, but more often than not, the end comes and nothing has been gained from the time wasted read the entry.

Here is my point, I just wrote this entry to see how many of you would read it. And if you made it to this part, you are now realizing I wasted your time. (I’m hilarious.) And the picture attached, I used it just to draw in the Internet searches. I labeled it “most searched image” to see how many hits I could get from it. Analytics will tell me.

Make sure, if you read this whole entry, you add a comment so I know I got you. It’ll be fun. If this post gains the most comments ever on “Jimmy the Gun”, you’ll all win a prize. And by “prize” I mean my appreciation for commenting on an entry that says absolutely nothing of value whatsoever.


  1. Hi Jeremy. I had a fun conversation with your wife the other day about your blog. That's not why you wrote this post, is it? I hope I'm not the only one to comment. And I hope you're not considering quitting the blog. I also hope that I get a prize for the LONGEST comment on this post. Let's just see somebody beat me... By the way, your little one is so cute; but I'm sure you already know that. Take care, friend.

  2. I know what you mean; my site basically has the same problems. I think I have 4 readers sometimes and every other day I feel like giving up and then I wake up and see or hear something and back to blogging I go. What kind hits do you get for site on a daily basis or do you know. I don't even know why I advertise on my site, since I have made absolutely nothing doing so, I mainly use it to see how many hits I get. I think part of the problem for not a lot of hits is that everyone and their monkey has a blog these days, and lots of people are switching to Twitter and your old favorite Pownce instead of a blog. Everything now is a fad and in a few days something new comes up and everyone forgets about what was cool yesterday. I feel bad younger people who begin their lives in the fast lane and aren't allowed to enjoy their childhoods. Well, I am not the greatest writer either and I don’t know if I about to start repeating myself, but I think I have taken the lead in word count. Oh and thanks for taking up 5 minutes of my life. TT # 1