May 24, 2008

DEWmocracy: Voltage

The first of the three new flavors, Voltage, is Raspberry Citrus flavor with Ginseng. It's a light blue/purple color and tastes just awful. My goodness, it's so gross. Do you remember Otter Pops? Think about letting the blue one melt, adding some more sugar and CO2, and calling it a "new flavor" of Dew. Yeah, it's wrong. Why do they have to use the fake-est (<--- not a real word) flavoring?

Let's recap the good stuff: Live Wire=Orange, Code Red=Cherry, and the original=nectar of life. Why wasn't the Halo version a good mix of the Live Wire and Code Red? Why was it so bad? And why is Voltage so bad? So gross?

For the record, I tried it out of a (plastic) bottle, over ice, and with a grilled cheese sandwich. I gave the beverage 3 chances. My wife thinks it tastes like New York Seltzers. Do you remember those for the 80s?

Strike One with the new flavors. 2 more to go. Stay tuned.

Also, if you taste the new flavors, add a comment. Go out and taste Voltage for yourself so you can add your review to this one. I'll try to stay up to date with the actual vote going on at the DEWmocracy site.


  1. Ooh! I loved New York Seltzers!

  2. I too have fond memories of New York Seltzers. Can we blame Coke or Pepsi for their demise? Well, I've been looking for the new Mt Dews, but I found this one at sevey. I like the bottle.