May 30, 2008

The iPhone's Possibilities Are Endless

The iPhone's possibilities are endless. I'm still mad that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates don't see the potential gain in creating a small device that can be our full computer. If something like the iPhone that's able to hold all our documents, photos, music, and other files, was then given the ability to modify and manipulate those files (i.e. word processing, photo editing) I think it would truly become the most coveted piece of technology to date. I understand the limits to graphics for games, CPU power for performance, memory for speed, and other limitations. And Steve and Bill are right in that, there will still be a need for a full home computer with full power. But, with all the hacks people are doing to the iPhone (games, internet programs, copy and paste, video, document viewing) it seems obvious to me that people want more out of their phone. The iPhone is the first glimpse people have into that future possibility of having everything with you all the time. Create a docking station that connects the iPhone to a full size monitor and keyboard. Have a full strength computer turn the iPhone into a hard drive that accesses the programs and files from the flash memory on the phone to run a full computer at full computer power. Then, when you undock, you can take all that ability with you in your pocket. And you have your complete e-life on the go. I wish I knew people with the smarts to do this. I would love to go tell Steve about it. Maybe Google would be interested. Here's my whole patented (haha) idea: Phone (similar to the iPhone, maybe a keyboard feature, Sony's got a new one) Large SSD (that's the harddrive, saw a small one up to 256GB ) Office products Photo programs Games 3rd party app access Home Sync program (becoming a hard drive used by more powerful graphics/CPU/memory, auto back-up to home base hard drive) Okay, so this is a boring entry, I know. I just think it would be cool to have lots of functionality on the go. Sometimes I'm out and want to show a friend a story I wrote or a song I arranged. When I'm out car shopping I think, "I'd be nice to have access to a spreadsheet to see if the numbers they're quoting are really as great as they're saying." Anyway, here's the video that started this whole thought today. I watched only 30 or 40 seconds, but it shows another creative way someone modified the iPhone.

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