February 3, 2010

Answered Prayers and More Requests...New Jobs

Well, exciting news for me, I was offered the job I applied to. I am now an Operations Specialist. I'm better suited for this type of job because it is not a sales or customer service job. Although I can do both of those things, I don't enjoy them as much as I do enjoy Ops. This is a huge answer to prayer. God is good.

I am going to have a new group of people that I work with and around, and I need continued prayer for wisdom and grace. I need to start out as a humble, patient person, and I need to be a good witness with my attitude and actions. There is nothing good in me aside from Christ, and my sin nature does not allow the knowledge of God's grace to be evident in my life. I'm so gross. And I'm tired of recognizing it and not changing. I need huge prayer for this too.

My dad just called and told me he got a job with a maintenance company. This is great for him. This will be steady work instead of the extremely slow construction industry. I know he will miss the freedom of working for himself, but consistent work will be great for him. This is another answer to prayer.

God is Great.


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