February 23, 2010

Live to Share God's Greatness with Others

In Romans 15:17-21 Paul talks about the work he has done in and for Christ Jesus. He talks about the fact that he doesn't want to go where people have already heard of Jesus, but he wants to go where, "Those who have never been told of Him will see, and those who have never heard will understand," which is a direct quote from Isaiah 52:15.

I started working on praying every morning on my way to work. There is so much to pray about, both requests and praises, and I need to be in consistent communication with God. When I am there is so much more peace in my life. When I'm not in prayer my life is a mess. Right now, with the start of my new position with the bank, I am praying that I become a light to the large group of people I will now have influence over and opportunity to be a light and example to. This dark world is so easy to get wrapped up in; and when our focus changes from God to ourselves and our own desires, we fail to recognize the misery we are creating. Simply trusting in God and living to glorify Him WILL bring joy and fulfillment to our lives. Although life will not be easy, it will be complete and satisfying.

Praise God with Our Lives.

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