May 2, 2010

Oreo Fudgees Are Going To Make Me Fatter

Ted told me about a new kind of Oreo. They are called Oreo Fudgees and
they are to die for. So stinking good, my post "Food, Inc." self will
not be able to resist the temptation.

140 calories per serving, and only 2 cookies equals their serving
size. I already ate four and I'm going to eat more after I finish this
post. These are amazing. I better not buy any more. My wife already
tells me daily about watching my weight. These are so bad for, the
decided to make them with both sugar AND high fructose corn syrup. On
the bright side, no trans fat like regular Oreos.


  1. I bought those once. The whole package was gone by the end of the day. (I think I ate one serving, myself!) Which is why I will never buy them again...

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