August 6, 2010

Dear Ford, Pick Jimmy the Gun

I'm on vacation for the next week.  This means (unless my wife makes me be social) I'll be getting some blogging off my chest.  I'm working on the next "If I was the CEO" post.  But first, taking two kids and my wife 500 miles in my car, with all our luggage and kid "stuff", made me long for an SUV.  And if you haven't followed my "More Stories" links or my Twitter updates, you've missed that I'm in love with the 2011 Ford Explorer.  This prompted my first vacation post, a letter to Ford Motor Company.  Enjoy and think good thoughts for me.

Dear Ford,

I have a small family, a small blog, but a rather large obsession with what you’ve done over the last few years.  I think my obsession started with the Five Hundred and the sedan “reinvented design” feel.  Ultimately, the Five Hundred took on the oh-so-famous “Taurus” nameplate and continued its move forward to what I consider the ultimate family sedan.  

Continuing in that form, you recently revealed the upcoming 2011 Explorer.  And from what I can see, you’ve done it again.  You’ve reinvented the SUV (I better check and see if you guys are using the term “reinvented” or something similar, so I don’t look like I’m attempting to claim ownership to it).

You’ve also impressed me with your success in a time where auto sales as a whole suffered, and even some companies made the choice to take money from the government.  You took a good look at your business model and made corrections and adjustments to avoid the need to be “bailed out.”  You’ve produced higher quality cars, listened to what customers want, and maintained a level of professionalism, honesty, and integrity in your business practices.  No misleading ads, no unclear messages about your financial situation, and no dependence on the government have all led me to my obsession with your company.

As a small time blogger, who writes about all sorts of passions, from tech to automotive and beverages to music, I’d like the opportunity to drive, rate, and write about the 2011 Ford Explorer.  I’d like the opportunity to use the Explorer to start my new series of blog posts about long term test drives.  I’ve chosen this as my first request, due to my current family size, my desire to move my blog forward into a more consistent product for my readers and because I want to do something to help spread the word about one of America’s greatest companies.

Obviously, I think of this request as a super long, long shot, but I’m on vacation this week from my normal every day job of making one of America’s greatest banks even better, so I have time to kill.  Whatever your opinion of me and my little blog, I think you are a great company, led by a great group of people, making outstanding decisions to lead your company into continued success.


Jimmy the Gun

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