August 10, 2010

Will My Next Phone Be a Sony?

I just stumbled upon this today; my next phone?  I've been a Sony fan for years (I know, Sony Ericsson is a little different than Sony), and I've seen some impressive displays and cameras on friend's cellphones from them.  Now, they are announcing "Smarter is Coming".  Is this the Xperia X10?  Is it an Android phone?  Is it a Windows Phone 7 phone?
 I'm actually holding my breath for this one.  I'm hoping for something great.  AT&T needs another great phone.  They need to add to the phone sales success they are having with the iPhone and add an alternative phone option for those of us fed up with Apple.

1 comment:

  1. It looks & sounds like a cool phone, but according to this article it will be pretty dated.