September 4, 2011

CEO Howard Schultz Letter 2011.."disappointed by the pervasive failure of leadership in Washington"

Here is an image of the actual letter emailed out to so many of us, from CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz.  I hope this is a wake-up call to the leadership in Washington.  And, although I don't know the politics Mr. Schultz, I am so excited by a letter like this, citing over 100 business leaders' signed pledge to:

First, to withhold political campaign contributions until a transparent, comprehensive, bipartisan debt-and-deficit package is reached that honestly, and fairly, sets America on a path to long-term financial health and security. Second, to do all we can to break the cycle of economic uncertainty that grips our country by committing to accelerate investment in jobs and hiring.
I sure hope the power of a man like Mr. Schultz and others listed on the website in the letter ( can put a fire under our country's leaders and get things back on track.

One more thing that I find interesting is, the fact that the Fed is now suing 18 banks or so, (mine is not listed *yippie*), for bad lending practices.  The only problem is, THEY WERE HUGELY RESPONSIBLE FOR IT, acting as Fanny and Freddie.  The government is big and getting bigger.  Obama is a communist and is leading our country quickly into destruction.  It is a sad day.

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