February 18, 2005

Business as Un-usual

Since I married into a family that owns a large construction company who's President is unable to fully function in his capacity as such, I've become an important part of the daily running of the company. My duties vary from preparing estimates for potential and future work, to driving the sites to evaluate progress. Part of the latter includes taking my father-in-law to the sites and allowing him to see how the project is coming along, what needs to be done, and where we need help (as family members) in continuing to run the company. Now, from what I've written so far, I'm sure you are thinking I'm going to be writing all about work, and you might even be getting tired of reading already. But I need you to hang in there. I need advice. This is serious. As I travel from job site to job sites, and as I communicate with the different superintendents and foremen, I've been noticing a strange look in their eyes, almost a lack of respect. Not just because of my lack of industry "know how" or experience (although that's a huge problem), but beyond that. They would say of me, "He's not a man's man. He's not tough." And then I realized what it is that drives them to think this way...I drive a Volkswagen Golf. A Purple one, no less. I don't have a chance of earning these employees respect with that car. In fact, I broke the front bumper on a site a few weeks back, not because I was careless but because my car is about 3 inches from the ground. I'm driving onto projects that aren't even paved. Here is where your advice comes in....do I buy a Ford F250 or an Expedition? Both have real world practicality for me. The F250 would have lots of truck work to do. And the Expedition would be a great family/friends hauler. I need your help. Please review the information at Ford's website to help me with this decision. Should I go with the F250 or the Expedition? Send me your vote!

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