February 28, 2005

An Entry for the Sake of Entering

Goodness. I’m too busy to have a blog. I haven’t written anything for so long. I think it’s supposed to be a frequent journal. The less I write, the less hits I’ll get on my blog. Anyway, I am headed to the Shepard’s Conference at Grace Community Church this week and I hope to use it as a time to grow spiritually and, hopefully, relax a bit too. God is good and He is sovereign. I pray that I will come back from the conference renewed and ready to continue the battles we are facing with the company. (I’ve changed to “we” because Lisa is in the middle of the company too.) We have been placed in this situation with work because, with God’s strength, we can handle it (Phil 4:13). I believe God has provided me with the opportunity to attend the Shepard’s Conference so that I am better prepared to be used by Him to further His Kingdom and bring Him glory. I hope to have the opportunity, when I return, to live as an example of how Christ lived. I will also share with readers about the conference and what I learned. I hope I return refreshed and renewed, strengthen and sure, humbled and ready to be used by God.

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