February 17, 2005

Can the Pop Doc Give You a Stroke?

My father-in-law recently had a stroke and, although it has been trying, we are running his company with continued success. The crazy thing about his stroke is the symptoms. He had none. UC Davis actually did a study on him and they concluded there isn't a known cause. There was a nurse who thought it was connected to a scuba diving trip a week before the stroke. The doctors thought it was possibly trauma to the neck. But, no one really knows at this point. The reason I ask my question of the day, "Can the Pop Doc give you a stroke?" is, according to the UCD doctor running the study, there are 50+ cases a year in the Sacramento area where a stroke is tied to a Chiropractor. That is particularly scary to me since, everyone who knows me, knows I "pop" my neck...a lot. I have not yet done any research (I'm hoping to get some hit about it from blog readers) but it's a genuine concern. Of course, during the process of writing this I did do the mighty "twist of the neck" resulting it "cracking" and "popping" noises, providing temporary relief to my straining neck and upper back. I do want to know a different solution to the problem, if in fact, there is a danger of stroking after an adjustment. (Adjustment is the chiro's way of saying "POP") Here are a couple articles to get us started: The Varsity Online WebMD

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