October 25, 2008

The Lemon Law - For Houses

I want to start by saying, my house was built by Centex. Great layout. Horribly built. Don't buy Centex. Buy property and have my dad build you a house. That's my next plan. The "Lemon Law", from what I know (and that's not much) applies to poorly made or maintained automobiles that are sold to an unsuspecting consumer. I know of a deputy I used to work with who was going to use this law to get rid of his Chrysler 300. And of course that could lead us into a conversation about how poorly build Chryslers are, but that's not where I'm going with this. I've also heard stories of private parties selling cars with major issues and not disclosing them to the buyer. The buyers were able to successfully sue the seller. My house is making me want to look into a "Housing Lemon Law." I bought my house in November of 2004, almost 4 years ago now. I've had so many little issues from pipes breaking to electrical to my water heater going out several times, that I'm ready to blow this place up. The windows are cheap and thin, letting in weather and noise as though they were open. The insulation doesn't stop the upstairs from heating up to temperatures where the A/C runs almost constantly to keep it between 80 and 85 degrees (I personally like 72 to 74). My refrigerator stopped working. I thought there was a problem with the fridge since the ice maker's had issues since we bought it. No. The plug stopped working. So did the plug my computer was plugged into in the dining room. So did the Christmas lights plug on the outside of the house. The downstairs shower only had cold water. The toilets don't flush well, and two of the four have needed new hardware in the tanks to stop leaks. Two bathroom sinks have running faucet issues. You have to know the right angle to turn them off so they don't run with a steady stream of water. Originally, the HVAC unit didn't work. When the technician came out to fix it, he found it was not hooked up correctly and a the circuit board was fried. I saw the blackened board myself. The oven continues stop working. Usually a breaker switch off and on will fix that. The paint on the walls is bad. In the right light, which is hard with the poor lighting the house has, you can see where a lighter coat was applied and where the sheet rock is still almost visible. I'll stop there. I'm sure you get the point. What doesn't help is the $210,000 I'd be short if I sold my house right now. The same model in my neighborhood, one with a pool, just sold for that much less. This is a bad time in the housing market. The bailout and all the housing programs don't really help someone who tried to do things the right way. I fixed my loan rate. I didn't get crazy with the upgrades. And, at the time, we were both making great money. We also planned to sell it in 2006. POP! The bubble burst and we didn't get any interested buyers for the 2 years we had it on the market. So, Centex is a poor quality builder. My house is worth almost half of what I paid. And I'm stuck. Lemon Law? Probably not. Oh well, this venting does help. Oh yeah, the reason I wrote this was my desktop. I moved it from upstairs to down stairs. The network Cat5 in the new room doesn't work. BLAST!!!!!! I had to spend $50 to get a new wireless PCI card so I could connect wirelessly to my home network and the Internet.

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  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Oh geez, Jeremy. I am sorry you've had so many problems with your house. I've always said that when I buy (if I buy, that is), I want an older home that's been well-maintained. Houses aren't the only things that are being made more cheaply, the newer you buy. (Did that make sense?) My family had the same VCR for many, many years growing up. We have gone through 4 or 5 DVD players; it's like they make them to break, so you have to pay for service or buy a new one in a short amount of time. I hate that! Your situation is unfortunate. I say, if you can still keep up with your payments, ride it out. The market will go back up; it's just a matter of time. Then you can sell it and start building something that will last!
    God bless.