October 18, 2008

The Original Spider-man Song

I remember singing this song for fun at my high school church group. It wasn't meant for anything spiritual. It was just something fun to do.
Of course, time moves on and other artists try to recreate the hype of this classic. Michael Bublé (I think I'm suppose to put that thingy over the e or it's Bubble) did this version. AWESOME!!! Areosmith's version, not as good.

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  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Ok, I don't remember that; however, I have a funny little story that this reminded me of.

    Saturday, I took my son to a baby shower at a friend's house. While we were in their bathroom, we noticed a "Homer Simpson in a bath towel" doll. Malachi said, "Look at that, Momma."
    I said, "That's Homer, huh?!" and he said, "NOooo, THAT'S SPIDER PIG!"
    I had to laugh.
    (Note: my kid's don't watch that show, but you can't always hide the commercials!)