May 1, 2009

Quick Rant About Excessive Packaging

First of all, I hate the Thomas & Friends franchise. They have boring videos, tooooo many variations of their trains (sizes, looks, materials), and they don't take any time with the production of there "educational" toys. The puzzle set pictured is supposedly an educational matching game. You match the letters of the alphabet to words and pictures characters or objects, I'm assuming, are part of the franchise's list of characters and objects. For the letter "X" we match the letter to the word "box" and the picture of a some crate I'm sure Thomas and Friends transport as freight. Why? Why a box? I guess because box ends with an "X." Apparently Tomas and Friends can't think of any words that start with an "X." Stupid. But this rant is about the packaging. Look at the picture again. I could fit 4 or more puzzle sets in the box. But we only got what is pictured, not four sets. Hey jerks at Thomas and Friends, you suck. So do your movies. So do your miss matched toys. So does you waste of packaging. And done. UPDATE: I think this rant was more about Thomas being stupid. "Oh well," they said when planning for what to match up with the letter "X." "Box will work." I say "Oh well" too. I'm not paid for this stuff.

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  1. I agree with all of your points. As a mom with a child who seems to like Thomas, I wonder how they even got so popular. Some of the videos and game my son has are REALLY basic and dumb. I felt sorry for the person who bought it as a gift because it was such a waste of money.

    Biggest gripe of mine is that different sized trains with different tracks. I see no point in that at all.

    I also wonder how Curious George ever made it big. He is always disobeying and NEVER gets in troule. Somehow, he ends up being the hero in every story, even though he was naughty. I don't get it. Or like it.