May 31, 2009

Star Trek Uses a Jewish Hand Signal Meaning Shaddai (a name of God)

SO, Leonard Nimoy came up with the "Vulcan salute" based on a Jewish hand gesture used in the priestly benediction to bless the congregation. It's the shape of the letter "shin" in the Hebrew alphabet, which is the first letter of the name Shaddai, a name of God. Here is a picture from the grave of Rabbi and Kohen(Jewish priest) Meschullam Kohn (1739-1819) in F├╝rth (Bavaria, Germany). This is crazy stuff. The Rabbi's last name is close to the name of the enemy in what is probably the most popular/well known Star Trek movie, "The Wrath of Khan." I'm sure there is no correlation there. Here's old Spock explaining it.

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