March 15, 2010

I Should Be Humble, Loving, and Full of Grace

Romans 15:22-33 is really Paul just telling his friends in Rome that he longs to see them and plans to come visit and stay with them for a while on his way to Spain. As he finishes his letter to them he turns from the teaching portion to the loving friend portion of this letter, letting the church of Rome know he longs to visits them.

The more I look at my life I realize I'm no longer developing friendships with people, which I believe is important because friends listen to and respect each other. This is a place of ministry and sharing of our faith. It's a place where you can be encouraged at the same time as you are encouraging.

I'm still saddened by the foolishness of the FBC split that happened, not because a doctrinal statement wasn't accepted, but because the sin of men and the lack of friendships entered into the process for change. Men against spread rumors about the affects of the changes. Men for it were to proud to take the time to explain the importance of acceptance. There was not a closeness between the leaders and the congregation like Paul had with the church at Rome.

I have too long prided myself on being the "A-hole" who doesn't take crap from anyone and who is always quick to put people in there place. I correct through mocking. I make laugh through ridicule. I am a jerk. These are not the traits of a Christian man, who should instead be humble, loving, and full of grace. Who better to understand grace then a person who has received the grace of God?

Lastly, it's obvious that I haven't been doing my blog, which means I haven't been having my own quiet times in God's word. I'm a mess. The new job is going to be my excuse, but this is so much more important than anything else I do in my life. It's time for me to get up early again and buckle down and read God's word every morning. I hope I will get up tomorrow.

Praise God for His Faithfulness.
Praise God for His Grace.

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