March 17, 2010

When Jesus Was My Age

It's my birthday. I'm 34 today (I just had a typo and typed 24. Boy do I wish). 34 is one of those ages that don't really matter. I think the whole 30's are like that. Of course, after I type that I realize it's commonly thought that Jesus was around 33 when he....DIED FOR THE SINS OF MANKIND! So maybe these years aren't as meaningless as I think. Maybe the way I'm living them is the problem. Not "maybe", I am the problem. I get in the way of God.

The weird thing is, I'm frustrated with it to no end. I don't want to have a meaningless, sin filled life. I want to be pleasing to God. But for some reason I just keep sinning and getting discouraged and sinning and getting angry with myself and on and on and on. By this point in His life, Jesus Christ had led thousands to God, healed people, rebuked sinners, cleansed the temple, shocked the world, and DIED FOR THE SINS OF MANKIND!

In Romans 16:19 Paul says he wants the people of the Church at Rome "to be wise as to what is good, and innocent as to what is evil." We are not innocent to what is evil. In fact, in the world today, we have so much access to evil it's as easy as pushing the power button on the TV remote. Verse 20 goes on the say, "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of out Lord Jesus Christ be with you" I think we have to have faith that God will save us...literally save us...from our sin. That is the hope that we need to realize so we are not discouraged by our sin. Sure sin sucks and it should make us angry with ourselves, but to get discouraged is to doubt that God will grant us the grace promised by His Son on the cross.

Praise God for His Son, who in His 30's died for the sins of all mankind.

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