April 19, 2010

The 4th Generation iPhone is a Drinker

Apparently, the 4th generation iPhone was left at a bar in Redwood City. I don't usually jump on the band wagon about theorized future products, but this one is about the next iPhone, and I need a new one because mine is too slow and LAME! Check out the full story at Gizmodo. Check out the full story about the guy who may have a hit out on his life from Steve Jobs because he left the 4th generation iPhone at a bar at Gizmodo too. Like they said on Gizmodo, "it's just a !@#$ing iPhone", so I too hope the guy doesn't lose his job. I did end up jail-breaking my iPhone, but I restored it because it's too darn old and slow. I think if this thing comes out in July I'll get one, and I'll try to sell my 3G. We will see. If this is the next iPhone, I love it. I'll be super glad they changed the form factor of the phone. I think it's time. Good luck Gray! Here are some photos in case Apple asks Gizmodo to pull them down, and they do.

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