April 9, 2010

iPhone OS 4.0? Who Cares.

Apple announced the 4th major update to the iPhone software. Things like multi-touch, in app SMS, folders, etc. were added in this update. But, who cares? It sure isn't the jail-broken iPhone users. They've already had all these features and more. And they have them without the Apple restrictions. These are a few pictures I got from a friend with a jail-broken iPhone. These pictures show off: Multi-tasking In app SMS 5 icons on the dock He even changed the carrier name to the picture of a pile of poo (to represent AT&T's amazing service) Other things not pictured include: settings quick access free app download changing wallpaper reading and replying to SMS texts while the phone is still locked current status of an app shown by the spinning "working" icon quick location update and so much more the OS 4.0 is not offering. And the best part, it all works on the older generation iPhones.

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