April 25, 2010

The Ford Fiesta Could Be My Next Car...

After seeing this: Techy-Guy-Ted a.k.a. techyted and I got to drive the Ford Fiesta at the Sacramento Auto Show, and both of us had a blast. We were allowed to drive it hard, fast, and wild, just like Jeremy Clarkson. Both of us even tried e-brake slides. Plus it has Sync.


  1. Nice to know it has a place for my smoke grenades... :)

  2. True, True, & true I loved driving that car, I love that show, and I do love that the smoke grenades fit nicely.

  3. We had a Ford Fiesta when I was growing up. We (a family of 4) drove it from California to Wisconsin and back. Fond memories. Except the fighting with my brother in the back seat part.