September 8, 2010

Understanding the Amount of Forgiveness

Today I read a passage that I wrote a note about a few Sunday's ago at my church. We have such an amazing pastor. His teaching style and knowledge are very rare, in fact I've not ever heard someone that can be deep and simple at the same time.

But enough about him. My note says, "Who loves Jesus more? The one who is forgiven more. This is an understanding of the amount of forgiveness, not an actual amount of sin committed." The passage that was taught and caused me to write this note, and that I read today is Luke 7:36-50.

Jesus was invited to the home of a Pharisee, where a "woman of the city" followed Him to wash his feet with her tears and hair, and anoint them with an ointment because she knew who he truly was and that he could offer forgiveness. The Pharisee didn't understand it because he didn't realize his need for that forgiveness.

We all have sinned. We all need the grace of God. We all need to understand that need. No one is good. The Pharisee was not any better than the prostitute. In fact, he was most likely not saved from his sin because of his unbelief in Jesus and his lack of understanding of his need for the grace of God.

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